Reading Monday, April 6, 2015

Reading for Monday April 6, 2015 is from the Old English Tarot by Maggie Kneen – U.S. Games Systems, Inc., 1997.

Old English TarotSix of Cups – Ten of Batons – Knave of Cups

“Success is never getting to the bottom of your to-do list”  ~Melissa Mayer

You may have a lot on your plate right now, but you must not get caught up where your focus is only on your “to-do” list.  You may need to carefully prioritize and be realistic about what you can accomplish and how long you’ll need to complete the tasks at hand.  Pacing yourself will be much more beneficial in the long run than trying to get everything done at once.  For those of us here in the northern hemisphere, winter has finally (fingers crossed) released its grip and the weather is turning warmer.  There are all these chores on my list like: spring cleaning, yard clean up, flower beds and garden to prepare for planting, etc.  Not to mention all the everyday chores we try to work in between everything else.  It makes me tired just thing about it, lol.  To use an old cliche’, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses, or weeds, or whatever…but you don’t want to miss out on all the little and worthwhile things all around you.  If it’s a choice between doing that load of laundry -that just can’t wait- or spending a little quality time someone(s) dear to you, choose the latter.  The laundry will still be there.

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