Reading Monday, June 22, 2015

Reading for Monday, June 22, 2015 is from The New Palladini Tarot by David Palladini, U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 1996.

The New Palladini TarotThe High Priestess – Four of Swords – Ten of Swords

Affirmation / Thought for the Day:  “Knowing, is half the battle.”  ~G.I. Joe

The Four of  Swords calls for the need to contain conflict in your life and find the time and place for rest and relaxation.  If this isn’t the norm for you, then your need for seclusion and recharging should be high on your list of priorities.  You’ll have to make a conscious effort and possibly even force yourself to take some downtime.  The High Priestess is in the position of knowing.  You’ve got to listen to your intuition and to what your body is telling you.  Whether you have been pushing the envelop, or you need to prepare for something taxing that will come, you’ve got to listen and heed the advice.  The Ten of Swords heralds a time when you likely will need to add to your already overloaded stress levels.  Whether this pertains to home, work, or both, the need to prepare yourself is of the utmost importance.  If you have a tendency for back problems, (as I do) the advice is to watch your health closely.  Don’t put off that visit to the Dr. because you’re too busy.  If you’re too busy, that is precisely why you should not put it off.

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