Reading Monday Nov. 14, 2016

Three card reading for Monday, November 14, 2016 is from the Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti, 2005-2015 – companion book by Lee Bursten, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., 2015.

Tarot of Dreams Page of Wands – Page of Coins – Two of Swords

“Perspective gives us the ability to accurately contrast the large with the small, and the important with the less important. Without it we are lost in a world where all ideas, news, and information look the same. We cannot differentiate, we cannot prioritize, and we cannot make good choices.” ~John Sununu

Pages are all about learning, experiencing, incoming messages, having a child-like mind set, and the Page of Wands does all she does with a flair of drama.  She is our protagonist in today’s reading as she teases and stirs the pot.  If this happens to turn out to be news you receive today, at the least it will be interesting, but it may be dressed up more than necessary just for effect.  The true message is likely hidden in a cloak of drama and gossip.

The Page of Coins is more level headed and serious.  She is also about learning and gaining new experiences. Her approach is more practical, but no less curious.  Her down-to-earth energy will help you get to the heart of the message/news you will receive.  The Page of Coins suggests that a material endeavor or finances will play a part in your message.

The Two of Swords appears to be in conflict, struggling with an issue and unable to see a clear picture.  “Taking a new idea and comparing and contrasting it with other ideas or contexts in order to determine it validity.  Over-analyzing or over-intellectualizing a situation.  Blinding oneself to that which is truly important.” pg. 83  Swords help you see through the fog and get a more clear picture of the circumstances.  So don’t get lost in the drama, look for the bottom line and the silver lining.

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