Reading Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Reading for Tuesday, May 19, 2015 from the Simply Deep Tarot by Chanel Bayless, artwork by James Battersby – 2012.  Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

Simply Deep TarotSix of Swords – Two of Swords – Nine of Wands

Affirmation / Thought of the Day:  “I can see a difficult situation and respond appropriately.  I will release gloom and doom attitudes and move towards brighter shores without bringing baggage of the past with me.”

Some day’s it feels as if you should have stayed in bed.  But, when we have these kinds of days there is still an opportunity to learn and/or grow from the experience.  The Six of Swords is about journeys.  Usually a journey away from a bad situation or state of mind, to a better and brighter shore.  This Six of Swords is described as “beginning an unforgettable journey in your core.  This spiritual journey will drag you into the depths of reflection to a place where logical thinking has become locked in a war with polluted emotions.  To get out, you’ll have to view from a place of detachment, pinpoint the issue, neutralize the blocked issue, then put it to rest.”   

The Two of Swords is not seeing a situation for what it really is.  Your stuck.  But only because you have chosen to be.  For the moment, anyway.  Although you’ve been over coming obstacles, seemingly unending obstacles, that doesn’t mean that is the way things will continue to be.  “A fight or flight decision is burning in your mind.  Just keep in mind, all those obstacles you just faced are not an accurate telling of your future.   Your future is an open book in which you write the ending.  Leave the issues in the past and start living again.” 

The Nine of Wands is an exaggerated state to the previous cards.  Just as in the Two of Swords, there is a need to access and see the situation as it truly is, and to move away from being stuck.  “You’ve been stuck in one type of thinking for so long you are having trouble seeing it for what it is.  You will have more than one chance to get around this setback.  Keep trying even if you fail.” 

As you continue delving into your soul journey this week, keep in mind the points of today’s reading.  Don’t allow your imagination to run away with you.  Sometimes we have to go thru the muck to come out on the other side more appreciative of how far we’ve come and how we are changed for the better. Allow yourself to move onto a new ideology where the trappings of your past and the stagnant outlook are left behind.  Prepare to bloom!

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