Review – 90 Days to Learning the Tarot

90 Days to Learning the Tarot 90 Days to Learning the Tarot

Author / Lorri Gifford

Publisher / Schiffer Publishing, Litd.

ISBN:  978-0-7643-4774-0

“The Tarot and the stories told within the cards are, in my mind, magical.  The fact that seventy-eight cards reveal a different story for each person who receives a reading just blows my mind.  Even if the same cards were to show up for two different people, chances are the stories would also be different.  The cards are the tools I use to tap into my intuition, and through this action, I hear the quiet voice of something greater, a voice filled with love and divinity.  I have come to understand that, through using the Tarot, I have the opportunity to offer similar hope and connection to others.”  ~Lorri Gifford

90 Days to Learning the Tarot is a 281 page, 90 day workbook featuring The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti.  Gifford’s tag line, “No Memorization Required” is an attention grabber that will appeal to everyone.  The contents are divided into three main sections which contain the exercises and study guide for the 90 day course.

  • Section One: Getting to know Yourself, covers day 1 – day 14.
  • Section Two:  Getting to know your cards, covers day 15 – Day 75.
  • Section Three:  Sharing the Message you receive, covers day 76 – 90.

After the Appendix there is a section with lined pages for notes, etc. Each page is filled with bright colorful pictures, and space for the reader to add notes and answers for the exercise.  The Major Arcana suits and cards are looked at individually, while the Minor Arcana are tackled in groups.  Aces, Twos, Fours, Kings, Queens, Etc.

Gifford’s writing style and structured lessons, makes for a comprehensive and easy to follow program for quickly delving into and learning the Tarot.  Great for beginners and anyone who wants to deepen their Tarot knowledge.

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