Review – Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle

Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle

Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle

Paintings and Text by Cheryl Yambrach Rose

Published by Daghda Visions S.R.O.

Distributed worldwide by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Introduction – “How to Use the Oracle”

This oracle deck is a vehicle to provide personal intuitive guidance from the mythic beings and Divine entities that inhabit sacred sites and spaces.  Deep insights and profound answers are hidden within the paintings.  Meditating on a card image connects you into the energy field of the location where the painting was conceived.  (lwb)

Cheryl describes her style as Neo-Mythic Art.  It is the unique blending  of a portrait painter, visionary  artist, and researcher of historical data of sacred sites and their mythology.  She lives and works in Glastonbury, England, Prague, Czech Republic, and Mt. Shasta, C.A.

Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle is  52 original, gilded cards, and guidebook set.  Beautiful illustrated and lifelike images look as if they could step right from the card and converse.  The backdrops show many actual locations around the globe, as well as places of legend and myth.

Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle

For example, “Eriu’s Eyes” shows the Skellig Islands, which are off the southwest coast of Ireland.  Also, ‘into the west’ was Tir na Nog – the enchanted land of the Tuatha de Danann.  This was a place of eternal youth and magic recorded in song, verse, and prose of the Irish mystery tradition.

“Libuse, Prophetess of Prague” is a Druid Princess who foresaw Prague in a mystical trance.  It is said this took place on the hill of her castle at Vysehrad, a magical site that has been occupied since 3000 BCE.

For me personally, I love to learn about the history and legends of “sacred” locales.  This is a real bonus!

Before I began this review I posed the question, “What is the most important wisdom you have to teach?”  After shuffling I turned up “The Hermit” card which gives the advice:  Share Your Wisdom with Others – Shine Your Light. 

The HermitThe expanded meaning:  (from the companion book)  Come down off the mountain and develop the gifts you have been given.  Speak your truth.

An excellent answer, in my opinion.

The 108 page companion booklet measures 3.5″ x 6″ and is the same size as the cards.  All 52 cards are illustrated in a black and white scan with an expanded meaning and commentary on the image itself, which includes commentary on the location and symbology.  Cards and booklet come packaged in a heavy card board box, excellent for storage when not in use.

The card backs are non-reversible as there are no reversed or ill-dignified meanings.  They show an ethereal creature peeking at you over the edge of a stone in what looks to be a hidden away sacred place. Around the edge is a border in a gold filigree pattern.  The card portraits also have a border which looks more like a frame and does not distract from the image.  The gloss finish and flexible card stock make for easy shuffling, even with the cards being a bit over-sized.   The deck has a gilded edge that not only adds to the overall visually pleasing package, but gives the deck a feeling of opulence when handled.

Art Through The Eyes of the Soul Oracle

As beautiful as all the women of the deck are, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the men and the animals found throughout.  Horses, fowl, deer, wolves, mountain lion, and creatures of the sea just to name a few–all very lifelike.  Above are just a couple of examples of the male contingent and as you can see, they are just as beautiful in their own right.

Cheryl offers this advice when working with the deck:  “Drawing a single card to ask a question for daily guidance or meditation will act as a catalyst to your own thought process, and is an excellent way to use this deck.  A three card layout of present situation-influences-guidance, or any layout  of your preference, can be utilized for a stimulating and profound reading.”

The Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle is an easy to use and very relevant oracle that I would recommend to one and all.   To see more images visit the Author/Artist website (link above) and take a look at the video below.  The video shows many images from the deck and also from the book (Art Through the Eyes of the Soul).   This deck is now available to order from U.S. Games Systems, Inc. or check with your favorite retailer.  Enjoy!

This deck is also available as iPad and iPhone apps. at the App Store.

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