Review – Cat’s Eye Tarot

Cat’s Eye Tarot by Debra M. Givin, DVM (The Cat Doctor)

Cat's Eye Tarot(Introduction)  

No one can say for sure why cats have chosen to live with us.  It may be that they are observers, watching the progress of human beings. Perhaps cats are our spiritual guides.  Even if you believe that cats are merely persuaded by the simple bargain of warmth and food in exchange for companionship, there is still much to be learned from their life strategies.  The Cat’s Eye Tarot deck is illustrated from a feline point of view.  These cats are portrayed behaving like cats.  They hunt, play, love, fight, and contemplate the mysteries of the universe.

If you have ever shared your life with one cat or many, you already know just how individualistic they are.  Much like people (some would say more like women than men) they each have their own, very distinguishable personalities.  But, unlike their human counterparts, they are more straight forward with showing you who they really are.  However, you don’t need to be a “cat lover” necessarily to connect with and use the Cat’s Eye Tarot.

Based on the 78 card structure of a Rider-Waite-Smith tradition–meanings, numbering, suits and court–Divin has chosen specific cat breeds and colors to differentiate the Major Arcana, and the suits of the Minor Arcana.  Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles, make up the suits.  The Major Arcana show purple as their main color while the minors are designated as follows:

  1. Wands are orange (creative energy) with flashy red tabbies.
  2. Cups are red (emotional energy) with sweet black and white kitties.
  3. Swords are blue (air, clarity, intellectual energy) with talkative Siamese.
  4. Pentacles are green and brown (earthy, practical, natural) with practical brown tabbies.

Page Wands Page Cups Page Swords Page PentaclesYou see here the Page’s of the Court.  The Knights, Queens, and Kings, were otherwise occupied and declined their invitation to this interview.  That is quite alright, as these little guys are adorable all on their own.

Other correspondences of note:  Reptiles – Wands; Fish – Cups; Birds – Swords; and Mice – Pentacles.  These creatures were chosen, says Givin, because they are all the natural prey of cats.  How could you have a cat deck without mice?, she asks.  Yes, how indeed!

In the Majors you see a variety of breeds including Persian and Calico, and noticeably a lack of any “humans” throughout the deck in general.  Very few cards even hint at a human presence and most of those seem to be found in the suit of Cups.  Of the Three of Cups Given writes: A woman pauses to receive the affectionate greetings of three cats.  Cats choose to befriend us.  People like cats, and cats like people.  And of the Eight of Cups:  A sad kitty has turned her back on her home and has begun a journey into the unknown.  She knows what she is looking for and can no longer find it here.     (excerpts from the Cat’s Eye Tarot, lwb)

Emperor Wheel of Fortune Three Cups Eight Cups






The deck comes with a lwb (little-white-book) which includes keywords for each card, a description of the image, and the meaning of the card in a reading.  There are no reversed or ill-dignified meanings offered. The cards measure approximately 2.75 x 4.75, printed on a sturdy card stock with a gloss finish.  They fit comfortably in my hand and shuffle easily right out of the box.  {Speaking of which, the deck and booklet arrive packaged together in an illustrated, flip top, card board box.}  The images are surrounded by a narrow white border with the copyright notice printed in the lower right margin.  The name-plate is located at the bottom of the image with the title of the card in black letters on a pale cream background.  The card backs are semi-reversible and show a beautiful yellow/orange tabby with penetrating green eyes.  How can they be semi-reversible?  Well, as I mentioned earlier, there are no reversed positions in the booklet, but, if you read reversals, the card backs would not appear upside down, just oriented to the opposite side. (see image below)  Also included in the lwb is a Nine Lives Spread, that is printed on an extra card in the pack as well.

Cat's Eye Tarot 9 Lives SpreadRemember to click on all the images to enlarge the detail.

I found the Cat’s Eye Tarot to be quite engaging, playful, and very much to the point when it was called for.  Cat’s have a language all their own, and yet, it can be easily understood.  They have as many diverse personalities as any group of “humans” and that is evident in each and every cat that is depicted on every card.

Debra M. Givin, DVM, has been a practicing veterinarian for 28 years; 22 of those in a practice that is exclusively feline.  The love and respect she holds for her “subject-matter” is evident in all the cats presented here, not to mention the Tarot too.

No longer skeptical about a cat themed working deck, I would recommend this one not only to cat lovers, but also to Tarot enthusiasts of all experience levels.

I only have one cat, Polly Prissy Pants, a beautiful 6 yro. Calico who allows us to share in Her space.  She has such a tough life.  LOL!

Get your copy of Cat’s Eye Tarot today from the publisher – U.S.Games Systems, Inc.  ISBN: 978-1-57281-685-5  copyright 2011 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Be sure to stop over at the U.S. Games Blog at the  Fool Stop Tarot Blog for lots of Tarot Goodies and information on current and upcoming releases!

Thank you for allowing me to share the Cat’s Eye Tarot with you.  May you find it helpful and enjoyable on your own Enchanted Journey.



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