Review: Celtic Lenormand

Celtic LenormandCeltic Lenormand

Author / Chloe McCracken

Artwork / Will Worthington

2014 U.S. Games Systems, Inc

Celtic Lenormand brings elements of nature-based paganism to the Lenormand divination system.  This 45-card deck, with beautiful artwork by Will Worthington, provides additional tree, animal and people cards.  In-depth descriptions for each card include spiritual messages, affirmations and suggestions for use in spells.  The illustrated book also presents interpretations based on the phases of the moon and the Wheel of the Year. 

The Celtic Lenormand retains the 36 card structure of a traditional Lenormand, but includes nine extra cards that can be used to expand your readings to include the phases of the moon, the Wheel of the Year, and God and Goddess aspects.  McCracken suggests you can add or subtract the extra cards as you like and whatever works best for you.

What makes this deck different?  Well for one, the obvious extra cards which are included.  The two tree cards are for the God; the Oak and the Holly.  Celtic Lenormand

The companion book gives you 10 separate reference points for each: Keywords (The keyword section gives you both Nouns and Descriptors), Timing, Playing card association, Description, Meaning, Spiritual Readings, Spell Use, Dark and Light, Affirmation, and Deities.

There are three different Bird cards showing the three aspects of the Goddess, Maiden – Mother – Crone, and include various aspects of communication.

Celtic Lenormand

In Spiritual Readings for each card, McCracken says this of the Songbirds  – Healing is called for and comes in the form of speech.  Whether it is a call to see a counselor, or to just talk with a good friend, a problem shared is a problem halved.  Chickens – Social talk is a way to develop strong bonds that provide support.  Think about who supports you, and whom you support, who has your back, and who you would fight for.  Owls – Look for the wisdom in any situation, and those who can help you to find it.  All quite lovely, but my favorite is the Owls.  This same image appears on the cover of the companion book as well.  Celtic Lenormand Book cover

Other additional cards:

  • Card 1-Rider: Male Rider or Bard.  Female Rider or Bardess
  • Card 7- Snake is portrayed in two different aspects, Fierce & Shedding.  The Fierce is negative and threatening while the Shedding is trans-formative and healing.
  • Card 13- Child is shown in each gender, male and female.
  • Card 18- Dog & Cat
  • Card 28 Lord & Man
  • Card 29 Lady & Woman

I personally like the extra cards and the options it opens of whether to use just some of them or all and the bonus flavoring of the Pagan theme.

The cards are standard poker size and borderless.  Artist, Will Worthington,(U.K.) has created another beautiful divination deck (he has several to his credit) that will find it’s way into many readers collections, this is my third “Will Worthington” deck to date (I’m a fan 🙂 ).

Author, Chloe McCracken, also from the U.K. (is probably best known for her blog Inner Whispers and contributions to TABI web-site, blog, and organization) packed a lot of useful and insightful information into the 188 page accompanying companion book.  Not only does she cover the traditional meanings of the cards, she seamlessly incorporates the Pagan/Celtic themes into each card and spreads.  The book also includes a section on The Spiritual Tradition in Lenormand readings, The Wheel of the Year, Dark and Light, Affirmations, and the playing card associations.  There is also a section on how to use the cards, combining cards, working with Deity, using the cards in spells, and several spreads including the Grand Tableau.

I’ve pulled cards for one example given.  The Five-Card Inner Cross.

Celtic Lenormand Five-Card Inner CrossInstructions:  “Like the center of the Celtic Cross, or the center of a nine square (3×3), this spread can be read in a variety of ways.  You can take the central line of three as a progression over time, with the cards below and above representing underlying influences and advice on how to proceed, or spiritual influences.  The central line can also be taken as a combined whole, with the cards above and below representing positive and negative influences.”

My question for this spread deals with my spiritual journey/path.  To give you an idea, I will try to quickly summarize what I see.  Starting with the Songbirds in the center – The Songbirds communicate in harmony, even if they don’t always understand all parts of the conversation.  They also represent the Maiden aspect, the fledgling or beginner.  There is the need and desire to learn and the written word of the letter will help the fledgling along her path.  Journaling is also a desired activity in gaining knowledge and understanding.  The affirmation for this card reflects this:  “I journal to deepen my understanding of myself and the world”.  The Key provides a comforting message that insight will gained. There are messages and wisdom to be unlocked.  What needs to be unlocked?  The Cross card suggests a release of preconceived ideas and dogmas and reinforces the spiritual aspect to the reading.  It suggests a certain amount of discipline that is needed to attain insight and enlightenment.  This reading is presided over by the Moon.  Spiritual Readings:  “Just as the reflection of the sun’s light by the moon is not the sun, so your emotions are not you.  The emotions will change, your inner light continues to shine just as brightly.  And though others opinions of you may alter, you are still the person you choose to be.”

This is just a quick overview, but it gives you an idea how the cards read.

I must add the disclaimer that although I have several Lenormand decks, I’ve only been using them for a very short time.  Having said that, I must also add that I am quickly falling in love the Celtic Lenormand.  I would recommend it to everyone from beginner to master.  I predict this card and book combo will quickly become a classic and a treasured working deck for years to come.


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  1. Koneta says:

    You’re very welcome, it was my pleasure. Thank you for creating such a lovely Lenormand. 🙂

  2. Chloe says:

    Thanks for the gorgeous review, Koneta. I especially enjoyed your reading – really brings the deck to life 🙂

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