Review – Dreaming Way Tarot

Dreaming Way Tarot

Dreaming Way Tarot

Dreaming Way Tarot dresses up traditional tarot with contemporary artistic flair.  In this exquisite deck, stylish characters breathe new life into the scenes and symbols of the Major and Minor Arcana.  Dreaming Way Tarot offers fresh interpretations of tarot and explores numerological as well as elemental influences. 

Author / Rome Choi

Artist / Kwon Shina

Publisher / U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 2012

ISBN:  978-1-57281-712-8

The Dreaming Way Tarot is a charming 78 card Tarot deck modeled in the Traditional Rider-Waite style with 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana which includes 16 Court cards.  The Court consists of Page, Knight, Queen, and King.  The four suits are Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles.  In the lwb there is a diagram showing the characteristics of the suits and how they relate to soul, mind, and body which are broken down further into two sub-catagories each.

For instance:  SOUL = Spirit & Soul (Major Arcana) – MIND = Mind & Emotion – BODY =  Body & Matter.  Pentacles means materials (matter).  Wand means body.  Cups mean emotions.  Swords mean mind.

  • Pentacles have the features of earth, and deal with financial and safety-related things mostly.  It has a conservative and feminine nature.
  • Wands have a fire nature and relate to the body.  They deal with desire, passions and fervor.  The suit is progressive and masculine.
  • Cups have a water nature, and relate to emotions.  They indicate tolerance and accommodation.  The suit is conservative and feminine.
  • Swords have an air nature, and relate to the mind.  They mean pursuit of judgment and high standards.  The suit is progressive and masculine.

Also included in the lwb is a section on the Characteristics of Numbers where Choi breaks down the significance of the numbers 1-10 as well as the court positions.  There is also a Five-Card Spread  with instructions that is titled  Dreaming Way, and I would like to share my reading using the Dreaming Way Tarot.

“Dreaming Way”

This five-card spread is designed to help you confront issues that may have blocked your sense of contentment.  It also illuminates the gifts you already have in your life so you can focus on your joy.  Shuffle the Dreaming Way Tarot deck.  Lay out five cards as shown.

Dreaming Way Tarot

  1. Present Gifts-What is presently your greatest source of joy?  Three of Cups
  2. The Past-What past pain is keeping you stuck in victim mentality?  Five of Swords
  3. Change-What do you need to change in your life to fully realize the happiness you deserve?  Ace of Pentacles
  4. Delusion-What message have you been telling yourself that you no longer believe?  What excuses hold you back?  Death
  5. Dreams-What do you aspire to?  Dare to dream big!  Strength

Now, without going into a lot of boring personal details, this reading held an accurate and powerful message for me.  When your new Dreaming Way Tarot arrives, I hope you try it for yourself.

The card-stock is sturdy and the matte finish allows the cards to shuffle smoothly.  The backs are reversible.  The lwb contains both upright and reversed meanings.

Oh! By-the-way, author Rome Choi says that the characters of tarot came to him in a dream, thus he named this deck Dreaming Way Tarot.  Now, if you would allow me to introduce you to a few more interesting characters from this lovely deck…

Dreaming Way Tarot

Dreaming Way Tarot

You can purchase your very own copy today from your favorite retailer.

Until next time, Happy Tarot’ing and may your journey be an Enchanted one.


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