Review – Lenormand Cartomancy

Lenormand CartomancyLenormand Cartomancy

by Christopher Butler

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

Copyright 2013

ISBN: 978-0-7643-4562-3

Marie-Anne Lenormand was the greatest celebrity fortune teller of the Napoleonic Era. Among her famous consultants were Frances, Lady Shelley, Robespierre, and the Empress Josephine, with whom she formed a lifelong bond of friendship. Since the mid-nineteenth century, the enigmatic fortune telling deck contained in this box has been associated with her secret techniques of cartomancy and fortune telling. Discover for yourself this long revered tradition through the comprehensive guidebook and a traditional Lenormand deck, freshly re-illustrated for the modern age. You will be guided on a card-by-card journey, and, when you’ve finished, you’ll have the skills to perform readings both simple and complex. Take your cards and, in the words of the great lady herself, “coupez!” The spell cast by the “Sybil of the Salons” has never been stronger.

The Lenormand Cartomancy card pack is a 36 card deck in the fortune-telling-tradition made famous by Marie Anne Lenormand during the Napoleonic era, but has seen an almost revival-like resurgence in the past few years.  In Tarot circles and other Oracular practices and systems, there is a Lenormand-Buzz that’s humming along steadily drawing in cartomancy students and teachers alike to this “new” system of reading the cards.  With this resurgence into the Lenormand system there has been several new decks and books published on the subject.

The Lenormand Cartomancy deck and book set consists of:

  • 36 numbered art cards
  • Cards measure approximately 2.5″ x 3.5″
  • Each image is surrounded by a black border front and back
  • Each image shows a “deck within a deck” playing card inserts
  • Card backs are not reversible
  • 96 page companion booklet that includes four focal points for each card: Symbolism; As a person; As a time frame; In combination.
  • A section on Card reading discussing significators, combinations, associations, and spreads, including a tutorial on the traditional and modern methods of The Grand Tableau.

As an introduction to this deck, I decided to conduct an “Interview” to become better acquainted.

Q & A

LC2Q – As a fresh-look Lenormand deck, what do you think is the best quality you bring to the table?  AThe Ship.  Whether I am departing or returning, I am in motion,  changing directions and expanding horizons.  Journey’s are my specialty.  

LC3Q – As we journey, what’s the most important lesson I will learn?  A The Man.  The lesson is about exploration and how to develop and nurture a questing spirit. 

Q – What is the biggest benefit I will gain from working LC4with you?  A – The Clouds. I will keep you on your toes with the need and necessity of always seeking and searching – for the truth, for clearer vision, for the answers you seek.

Q – What does the future hold for our journey’s together?   A – The Lilies. The wisdom gained, knowledge learned, and a position of respect/authority attained.

There is a learning curve in using the Lenormand as the meanings seem to be more set rather than instinctual, and they lean heavily on surrounding cards and combinations.  The glossy finish of the cards, along with the size, make them easy to shuffle and use in a large layout, not taking up as much space as a larger deck.  The companion book is arranged and written well making it easy to use and understand when working with the deck.  The deck and book come as a boxed set.

If you have an interest in learning the Lenormand oracle system, be sure to check out this deck available now from your favorite retailer.




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