Review – Oracle of the Radiant Sun

by: Caroline Smith and John Astrop – copyright 2002, 2018

Published by Red Feather

84 card Oracle Deck with seven suits which represent seven planets as they move through the zodiac, and the twelve Sun signs.

The deck comes in a sturdy box perfect for storage and includes the illustrated 144 page guidebook. The contents of the book are broken down into three sections;

  1. Of the Sun… which includes an Introduction, an explanation on understanding the symbols, a chart showing the symbols for both the Astrological Signs and Planets, a chart for qualities associated with the houses, planets, and signs.
  2. The Twelve Signs… gives a brief description of associations for each sign and an explanation of the specific shapes found on the cards and how to identify them.
  3. Using the Cards… shows examples of reading layouts that include the Sun Year Reading and the Horary Reading.

The above image shows the different card shapes you will encounter and their planet correspondences. Below, you will find examples of each along with the card back. There are twelve cards in each suit and are numbered 1-12 as shown. The suits shown in order are described as:

  • Sun – The Suit of Fortune
  • Moon – The Suit of Security
  • Mercury – The Suit of Change
  • Venus – The Suit of Love
  • Mars – The Suit of Action
  • Jupiter – The Suit of Gain
  • Saturn – The Suit of Ambition

The images are evocative and a page has been dedicated for each card of the deck showing a small image with a description and the meaning. For example, the card labeled Resourcefulness is described as – “In a bleak landscape, a raven converts a discarded vase into a highly decorative home.”

The cards are easy to hold in your hand and shuffle, being about the same size as a standard playing card deck. The card stock is not too thick with a nice protective finish.

The more familiar you are with using an Astrological System to read, the easier it will be to use this deck. But, even if you are not fluent in that particular area, the author has made it easy to use the guidebook to complete a reading. Although at first glance the Oracle may seem complicated, as you begin to use the deck and cards, it’s not as complicated as first thought. The spreads illustrated are all based on the 12 Sun Signs and Houses and range from a reading using 3 cards up to 13. The Cardinal Cross Reading uses 4 cards in four houses. The first house – concerns personality, the fourth house – about home and family, the seventh house – relationships/marriage, and the tenth house – career or achievement.

In closing, the Oracle of the Radiant Sun is a lovely addition to any Oracle collection and I am looking forward to reading more with it in the future. It is a deck that I believe I will turn to in the years to come. This deck was first published in Great Britain in 2002, I am very pleased it has now been made available in a brand new package by Red Feather/Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

To get your copy, you can order direct from these and other fine retailers.

Schiffer / Red Feather

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