Review – Resonance Oracle Cards

Resonance Oracle Cards

Resonance Oracle Cards

Author & Artist / Dara Caplan

Publisher / Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Copyright 2012 Dara Caplan

ISBN:  978-0-7643-4138-0

  • 40 Channeled art cards and guidebook boxed set
  • Cards are approximately 3 1/2″ x 5″
  • 96 page guidebook with meanings and a black and white scan for each card.
  • Illustrated storage box with hinged lid and magnetic closure
  • Card illustrations are oriented in landscape mode and are surrounded by a solid border in coordinating colors.

“The cards are designed for beginners as well as experienced users, and are not limited to a certain gender or type of individual.  Easy to use, they can be utilized in a more formal layout similar to Tarot, or simply shuffled. 

These cards work in the Law of Attraction, and so while it may seem to be luck, a card that falls out while shuffling is a deliberate message delivered.  The Law of Attraction ensures that any card that appears is the correct response to the issue at hand.”  ~Dara Caplan

The first thing I noticed about this Oracle was the warm color pallet, which I am always drawn to, both in the illustrations and in the card backs.  The cards are arranged alphabetically in the guidebook by the name printed in the border area.  The images are a mix from everyday objects, people and animals, to more cosmic and spiritual realms.  One aspect remains constant throughout, each image is partially in shadow with a portion illuminated.  This appeals to me on a level that I’m not sure how to explain, other than to show examples with excerpts from the guidebook.


  • Circles & Cycles:  Honor yourself by yielding to the natural way of things.  If you have feelings, acknowledge them.  If you have something to express, do so in a way that is true to you.
  • Earth-Bound Cousins:  Hear the cry of the heart of the Earth Mother.  This drum beats in all her children.  Now is the time to see all of nature’s splendor and all it has to say around you, for the sighting of the four-legged ones (animals) brings messages.  Perhaps it is time to meet any animal guides you may have, or reacquaint yourself with animal friends long forgotten.


  • Musical Movement:  Get up and dance!  It is time to enjoy this life you have with every fiber of your being.  The point of life is to live, and now you are being called to do just that.  Express yourself creatively and physically without hesitation.
  • Hearts Tears: (Loss)  Sometimes we are faced with a great and unexpected lesson or challenge.  It may even be the death of one close to you, mistreatment by others, or great wound of the heart.  When things are dark and you feel weary after a loss, remember that loss is only the other side of gain, and everything is part of the divine plan.



  • Open Spaces:  (Time to Journey) Flying high over open spaces.  Returning to the source within.  You can spread your wings wide and soar, dear one.  It is time to journey.
  • Relocation:  A move or new job is near!  Prepare yourself, because things may be quite hectic.  This card hails change and motion, so take stock of where you are right now and where you’d like to be.

A beautifully expressive deck that I am looking forward to getting to know much better in the near future.   I have a feeling we will quickly become life long and fast friends.  Please check back here and on the NewPathsTarot Facebook page for future posts with the Resonance Oracle.

For more information and to order your copy today, visit Schiffer Publishing or your favorite retailer.

Until next time, Happy Tarot’ing and Enchanted Journeys.



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