Review – ShadowFox Tarot


Author(s) / Richard & Jennifer ShadowFox

Illustrator / Richard ShadowFox

Publisher / Schiffer Publishing Ltd. 2010

ISBN / 978-0-7643-3487-0

The ShadowFox Tarot is a 78 card deck based on traditional Tarot imagery.  The images are in grayscale to help evoke intuitive interpretations.  The kit comes complete with a comprehensive 224 page companion book, Tarot – Book of Shadows, and covers a myriad of topics ranging from Astrology to Runes, Herbology, Gemstones, and Color Correspondences.   The cards are 3″ x 4.75″ of sturdy card stock with a gloss coating.  Each image is surrounded by a gray weave border, with this same pattern repeated on the backs.  They are reversible.  The suits include Wands-Fire, Swords-Air, Cups-Water, and Pentacles-Earth.  The court consists of Page, Knight, Queen, and King.  Strength is number 8, which makes Justice number 11.

 The companion book is a treasure trove of information, depending on how in depth you wish to explore any particular card.  For instance, The Sun (19) shows correspondences for Alchemical Quality; Alchemical Symbol; Animal Energy; Area of the Body; Associated Illness; Astrological Correspondence; Astrological Quadruplicity; Attribute; Blood Type; Celtic Tree Month; Character Trait; Colors; Direction; Element; Elemental; Elemental King; Esoteric Title; Fundamental Force; Gematria Value, Gender; Hebrew Letter; Herb; Holy Creature; I-Ching; Keyword; Key Phrase; Lunar Phase; Magical Organ; Magical Phrase; Matter; Meanings: Upright and Reversed; Musical Mood; Musical Note; Mythological Creatures; Numerology; Path on the Tree of Life; Phase of Life; Physical Property; Plane; Plant; Playing Card Suit; Possibility; Possible Influence Cards; Psychological Function; Quality; regent; Royal Star; Runes; Sabbat; Season; Stone; Suit; Temperament; Tetragrammaton; Time of Day.

Keyword for the Sun is Happiness, Musical Mood is “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley, Time of day, noon.  The correspondences have been created and listed for each card in the deck.  To help navigate there is a Legend with definitions and illustrated charts that are easy to access and understand.

More juicy goodness found in The Book of Shadows:  A section on the Celtic Cross spread that we see appearing time and again in most Tarot related material, comes this time with a very detailed discussion and example for each position and practical usage.  A brief history of the Tarot;  A section of frequently asked questions; Herbs and Fragrances; Gemstones; Color correspondences; and a list of recommended reading.  All of this, and more, bundled in a “signature” Schiffer storage box with magnetic close lid and ribbon hinges.

The images are poignant in their simplicity.  The Six of Swords conveys a feeling of a quiet, resigned journey;  The Empress – unconditional love, and the Page of Wands – the need to venture out.

The Five of Pentacles – physical and mental impoverishment; The Devil – hurtful associations; King of Cups – a kind and trusted friend.

These are just a few examples of the card images and the information that can be found in the companion book.  Yes, there is quite a lot packed into this kit, but it is arranged and written in a manner that is easy to understand and use.  Any level of experience can benefit from using this deck, and with all added correspondences, there is room for your knowledge to grow and expand with use.  The book itself  is stand alone and would make a very nice addition to any Tarot library. is the official site, be sure to check there for information on this and any upcoming projects from Richard & Jennifer ShadowFox.

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