Review – Tarot, Birth Cards, and You

Tarot, Birth Cards, and You  –  Keys to Empowering Yourself

Author -Bonnie Cehovet

Illustrations – Karyn Easton

Publisher – Schiffer Publishing Ltd

ISBN – 978-0-7643-3902-8

I have been looking forward, for quite some time, to getting my hands on this book and I have to say that I am thrilled to share this Interview/Review with you.    I first met Bonnie Cehovet online about two years ago.  This past year at the Readers Studio conference, I enjoyed meeting her in person.  We were able to spend a little time together chatting and we teamed up for a workshop creating new Tarot spreads.  Thank you, Bonnie!

Now, won’t you please join me as I chat with the author and delve into – Tarot, Birth Cards, and You   Keys to Empowering Yourself.  

Let me begin by saying that the cover and illustrations are beautifully presented and drew me in immediately.  I do love the color red, and it displays the palette of the cards perfectly.   There are twelve chapters, each dedicated to exploring a set of birth cards and  include: Keywords; Theme; Questions; Affirmations; Journeying; A Summary; A discussion of the Gifts, Abilities, and Challenges and how to work with them.  The formula, created by Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone, of the Tarot School,  for determining an individuals Birth Cards is given, along with a quick reference chart.  Once you have used the formula and determined the correct birth card pairs, you will quickly realize  this books value as a reference tool and you will wonder how you ever got along with out it.

The Preface reads:  “My hope is that with this book, readers will find the tools that will help them to better understand themselves, define their path for this lifetime, find their authentic voice, connect with that which they consider to be the Divine in their life, and move forward on their spiritual journey.  The tools that I have chosen to work with are those of the Tarot Major Arcana, Affirmations, and Journeying.  Together, they will help the reader define their path for this lifetime, and reach their full potential.”

Question:  Who do you feel will benefit the most from your book?

Bonnie:  “Anyone who wants to work on themselves, who wants to help their clients have healthy relationships, or who wants to better understand the archetypes in their life.”

Question:  Have you ever encountered someone who’s calculated birth cards just don’t seem to fit them? If so, what did you do to remedy this?

Bonnie: ” I have not personally encountered anyone who did not seem to reflect their Birth Cards, no. I do have one gentleman who commented on my blog that he felt that he did not reflect his Birth Cards, and he went so far as to verify his birth data with his older sister. If I did encounter this, I would first ask my client to verify their birth data. Then I would look at whether the Birth Card energy was being blocked, or was latent. If the Seeker is blocking their Birth Card energy, as a reader I would step very carefully because there are deep Shadows at work here.”

Question:  Each set of birth cards come with instructions on Journeying with the cards. Can you tell me more about where this idea came from, and what do you feel is the biggest benefit from doing this exercise?

Bonnie: ” In working with one of my mentors when I lived in Las Vegas, and in working with the Tarot School tele-classes, I became very fond of journeying as a means of gathering information. The conscious mind is quieted, and the subconscious mind is allowed to access Spirit. The biggest benefit for me personally in doing this exercise is the wisdom that comes to me, and that it comes very quickly. There is a strong bond created witht he material that I am workign with when I journey.”

In the last pages there is a hidden treasure.  A beautiful full color section, “Quick Tarot Birth Card Reference”.  It’s like getting two reference books in one!  The illustrations are by Karyn Easton, artist, author, and owner of the internet website Paranormality, and are from her Tarot Lovers Tarot.


An interesting note, (at least it’s interesting to me) both my husband and I share the same Birth Cards.  Death and The Emperor.  We jokingly agreed that his stronger trait is The Emperor, with mine as Death.  Whatever……..

This, in my opinion, is not a book to read and put away on the shelf.  It is one that I will keep close at hand for reference, not only to assist me when I am working on a reading for others, but, also as a tool to better know and empower myself.

Question:  Do you have any current plans to write any more books relating to Tarot?

Bonnie“Yes, I am already at work on getting the proposal for my second Tarot book to my editor.”

Well that is good news.

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