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Tarot Dynamics UnleashedTarot Dynamics Unleashed by Anna Burroughs Cook 2011.

Published by Kima Global Publishers

ISBN:  978-1-920533-07-6

Foreword:  “Should you be new to the Tarot, or the Tarot Dynamics method, you’ll find that the examples, definitions and information in “Tarot Dynamics Unleashed” is as easy for the beginner or intermediate Tarot student to understand, as it is to follow, while more adept readers will find it easier than ever to blend the old with the new.”

The Book:  Paper back – 8.5″ x 5.5″, 283 pages which includes 10 Chapters (besides the Foreword and Introduction).

  1. About the Major Arcana
  2. About the Minor Arcana
  3. About Wands
  4. About Cups
  5. about Swords
  6. About Pentacles
  7. Timing, Numerology and Dropped Cards
  8. Tarot Dynamics in Action
  9. Majorities
  10. Tarot Dynamics & The Moon in Astrology

Let’s start at the beginning!  After the Forward, the Introduction covers several topics from Do’s and Don’t, advice on selecting the best deck for you, pitfalls, perspectives, reading for yourself and others, frequently asked questions, to a chart which shows how a 78 card deck  is numerically arranged in the Tarot Dynamics system, and much more.

You may be wondering, “How does the numbering system work?”  In the Tarot Dynamics system, the cards are numbered 1-78 beginning with The Magician as Card no. 1.  Ok, easy to remember, as The Magician is number one anyway.  That makes The Fool, Card no. 22.

Now, for the Minor Arcana.  Beginning with the suit of Wands, The King is Card no. 23, Queen is 24, Knight is 25, and Page is 26.  The Ace is next as Card 27, ending the suit of Wands with the Ten of Wands as Card 36.  The rest of the deck follows this same numerological pattern (with the suits in this order).  Cups is next, then Swords, and finally card 78 is the Ten of Pentacles.

“Tarot Dynamics has been designed to work with any and every 78-card Tarot deck, as well as to assist you in expanding your intuitive faculties while reading or mastering the Tarot – and our five keywords are the cornerstones that will enable you do do so.” 

Chapter One focuses on the Major Arcana.  “All Major Arcana cards test, reward, and replenish your strength of character.  Function:  Headlines – Keywords:  Spiritual Karma.”   Major Arcana cards grab your attention, like the headlines in a newspaper.   

For each card there is a black & white scan, Keywords, a Personal Strength, a Personal Weakness, and a more in depth look at what the card can mean under different circumstances (including in a revered presentation; at your best, the more encouraging or challenging, etc.), and a few notes for New Students with a touch of Astrology.  This is true for both the Major Arcana and the Minor.

Chapter 2 digs into the Minor Arcana.  Function:  To tell The Story Behind The Major Arcana Headlines.  Keywords:  Change, Emotion, Challenge, Ambition.  Minor Arcana cards reveal matters that are or will be happening now.

  • Wands = Change
  • Cups = Emotion
  • Swords = Challenge
  • Pentacles = Ambition

Also in this chapter the court cards are broken down and explored, collectively and individually.  The same goes for the Aces – Tens.  The Aces however, are seemingly, a stand-alone group.

“Aces signify an inevitable showdown, whether with you, matters or other people.  Aces are the Tarot’s way of measuring your personal growth.”

So, what about the Two’s through the Ten’s?  Those are the “Subject” cards.  Cook says she was taught  to regard the Tarot Cards labeled 2-10 of every suit as being the servants (or subjects) of the Court Cards.  This actually makes good sense when you think about it.

When Reading Subject Cards: 

Their number (2-10) reveals where you can expect to encounter a new development.

Their suit reveals what type of development you can expect.

Their definition reveals your best options and approach to surmounting or coping with matters.

Cook offers this additional advice: “The final step to deliver an effortless and accurate reading from any seventy-eight card Tarot Deck is to memorize one simple key phrase, for each of the five Court Cards and eight Subject cards.”

Chapters 3-9 cover the four suits and these other subjects:  Timing, signature cards, astrology, numerology methods, what to do with “fallen cards”, spreads, and majorities.  There is a section on Key points for reading Tarot cards in any spread.  For example: “Whenever a four appears, from any suit:  The Seekers sense of belonging or desire for security will have a stronger bearing upon matters now.” 

And lastly, Chapter 10:  Tarot Dynamics & The Moon – which includes a Lunar/Tarot Table!

There is much more practical and applicable information packed into this and every chapter, that only touching on a small portion here doesn’t do the author or the book justice.

I gave Tarot Dynamics a big Thumbs Up, Tarot Dynamics Unleashed gets Two Big Thumps Up!  Tarot Dynamics Unleashed is a must have for any student of Tarot, and an invaluable source of information for your Tarot Library.

You can purchase your copy today HERE ( or through your favorite retailer.
Anna Burroughs Cook

About the Author:  Anna Burroughs Cook has been teaching and reading the Tarot for 30+ years, for clients across the United States and Great Britain, as well as in Ohio, where she currently resides.

To Connect with Anna:

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Until next time, Happy Tarot’ing and May Your Journey be an Enchanted one.


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