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Tarot for Healing by Kara Owl

Tarot for Healing

Author – Kara Owl

Copyright – Kara Owl, 2012

Publisher – Jupiter Gardens Press

Cover Art 2012 Winterheart Design

ISBN: 978-1-938257-22-3

Paperback 9.5″ x 6.5″

“Using the Tarot in alternative ways like healing, allows you to more fully unlock its power.  It is not simply used to “see the future” or for childhood rebellions.  It can be a deep magical tool if you are willing to undertake the journey.”

Those of us who are familiar and work with Tarot, know there are infinite possibilities when using this powerful tool in so many different ways.  It can be used as a self-help tool, for meditation, shadow work, in therapy, general guidance, and fortune telling just to name a few.  Writers sometimes use Tarot to spark new ideas or directions while working, while others might use them when contacting the dead. This book is more specifically geared toward using Tarot in a healing capacity.

“Tarot decks are a tool to aid your subconscious in whatever path you’re on, and healing is just one path we can walk down.”

Tarot for Healing, includes 16 chapters and a Resources List.  The Chapters are as follows:

1.) Why the Tarot  2.) Beginning the Path – Finding a Deck and A Quick primer on grounding.  3.)  Healing and Ethics  4.)  “First Aid” with the Tarot  5.) The Tarot as seen through a healing lens  6.)  The Major Arcana  7.) Court Cards – Air Signs, Fire Signs, Water Signs, Earth Signs  8.) The Minor Arcana Swords – Sword Court Cards 9.) The minor Arcana Suit Wands – Wand Court Cards  10.) The Minor Arcana Suit Cups – Cup Court Cards  11.) The Minor Arcana Suit Pentacles – Pentacles Court Cards  12.) Using the Tarot for Healing Meditations  13.) Spreads for Healing  14.)  The Business of Tarot  15.) Case Studies  16.)  Read and Heal

“As you go through the healing tarot, you will need to deal with your own illnesses and emotional baggage.  This is perfectly normal and a good thing.  The more healed and stable you are, the better you are able to help others.”

Owl, describes how to use the basic Celtic Cross for a Healing layout.  I will use myself as the test subject and put this concept into action using the Golden Tarot by Kat Black.

Spreads for Healing

Golden Tarot in Basic Celtic Cross1. Body – Ace of Wands.

2. Heart – Ten of Cups.

3. Head – Emperor

4. Rt. Arm – Eight of Wands

5. Left Arm – The Star

6. Legs – Strength

Here is a quick summary (using healing definitions from the book) to give you the basic idea.  As I see it, anyway.

Body:  Motivated to moving in a new direction. “Whether it’s a new treatment for a long-term condition that the querent has recently found, or a new treatment plan that the querent is trying, she’s excited and wants to explore it.”

Heart:  I know that I have the support of friends and family.  “In healing, it’s an indicator that whatever the querent is facing, his family and friends will rally around him and support him.” 

Head:  Logical and structured planning as well as taking control and responsibility for my own health – as much as possible.  “For physical healing, this card does not have a specific body-attachment.  It is likely  to represent a mental, emotional, or spiritual issue.  Should it appear in the “physical ailments” section of a reading, the querent is likely experiencing physical symptoms because of an issue with roots in one of the other areas, and pointing to them is more important.”

Arms:  Rt. Arm – “…this indicates a fast-moving illness, and that the querent should listen to her doctor and take care of things as quickly as she can.  If she’s noticed symptoms, she needs to address the situation.”  I just went to the Dr. earlier this week for a rash that is mostly affecting my right hand, but both arms and legs also have been affected.  Left Arm – “In physical healing, the Star indicates that whatever illness or ailment with which the querent has been dealing, she will receive help for it. The Star card indicates outside aid.  Whatever she’s been doing, it’s not enough unless she’s been getting help.”

Legs:  IMO this is pretty self explanatory…“Using Strength is empowering.  It gives querents more control over their lives and the directions they are walking”  Walking?  Who’s walking?  Ok, it’s time to ‘step-up’ the exercise regimen.

Remember, the above example is just a quick glance and summary.  Owl has several suggestions on different spreads and modifications.  She also covers – not only physical healing aspects – but has suggestions for spreads to help identify issues in emotional and spiritual areas too.

Conclusion:  In the last paragraph Owl, gives this advice.  “Maintain your ethical standards.  Treat people with compassion, keep their secrets, and know your limitations.”  

Kara Owl is a tarot practitioner with over 20 years of experience.  She specialized in using the tarot in new and unique ways, and is currently in the process of developing her own tarot deck.  You can visit her website Owl Takes Flight or her Blog.

Tarot for Healing is available in paperback format and as an ebook.

Personally, I’ve enjoyed reading this book and plan on implementing its use into my own personal readings of self-help, self-exploration and healing.

Until next time, Happy Tarot’ing!


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