Review – Twilight Realm

Twilight Realm – A Tarot of Faery

Author/Illustrator – Beth Wilder

Publisher – Schiffer Publishing Ltd. 2010

ISBN – 978-0-7643-3393-4


  • 78 art card deck with an illustrated 176 page companion book that includes both upright and reversed definitions, keywords, and description.
  • Four suits; Wands, Cups, Swords, and Rings
  • Court consists of King, Queen, Page, Princess, Prince.  There are still only four positions in the court of each suit, the difference being The Prince’s belong to the suits of Wands and Swords.  The Princess to Cups and Rings.
  • Strength is 8 and Justice is 11
  • The cards are printed on sturdy cardstock and have a black border.  They measure 3.5 x 5.0 giving ample room to see the entire  image clearly.
  • The backs are reversible showing a Faery ring painted in shades of lavender on a black background.
  • The Major Arcana have retained the traditional names normally associated with a RWS clone deck.

In the Introduction, author and artist Beth Wilder talks of her experience and background with the Tarot and the Twilight Realm of Faery.

Now this deck has taken on a different meaning for me.  I have not made it for my use alone.  I have made it as a way for the fairies to communicate with other people because that is what they asked of me.  So this deck is a gift from the world of Faery to those individuals wise enough to understand that fairies are all around us.  They help us in sometimes baffling or confounding ways, but their true intent is to impart lessons that encourage our growth.”

Won’t you travel to the Twilight Realm of Faery with me to meet them?  To break the ice, I’ll begin asking a few questions and we will see who decides to step forward in answer.   I’ll be using FireRaven’s deck interview spread, posted on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum, for this part.

1.  Tell me about yourself.  What is you most important characteristic? – Princess of Rings:  My most important characteristics are patience, trustworthiness,  and my love of nature. 

2.  What are your strengths as a deck? – The Wheel of Fortune:  My strengths are the assurances of growth.  Growth can only happen with changes (s) and with this assurance, know that your luck is about to change for the better.

3.  What are your limits as a deck? – Three of Wands: My limits lie in daydreaming and being easily distracted when I am left on my own.  I need to partner with others to stay on track.

4.  What do you bring to the table — what are you hear to teach me? -Ace of Wands:  I am here to teach you how to get started, to get the ball rolling and to go for it!

5.  How can I best learn from and collaborate with you? – Four of Wands:  I will teach you to trust in your own natural abilities and celebrate the peace and happiness  that come from a job well done.

6.  What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? – Three of Cups:  The potential outcome is we can forge a great friendship that will bring good fortune and happiness.

These are a few of my favorites I met while in the Twilight Realm.

A beautifully illustrated Tarot that I found easy to read with as well.  If you are a fan of Faery and fantasy art, this is a must have deck.

I hope you have enjoyed your peek into the Faery Realm and that you will return soon for a visit. It’s an Enchanted Journey you don’t want to miss!

You can get your deck today at or direct from the publisher.

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