Review: Woodland Wisdom Oracle Cards

Woodland Wisdom Oracle Cards box coverWoodland Wisdom Oracle Cards

Author/Frances Munro 2011

Illustrator/Peter Pracownik

Publisher/U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

ISBN:  9781572816916

Author Frances Munro, first began channeling her spirit guide in the late 90’s, initially with writings of spiritual guidance, and then with personalized readings.  “My spirit guide has been my inspiration since 1999 and not only has He directed me along a pathway of absolute growth, but He has also given me a need to   share the information and   tools He brings.” 

The Woodland Wisdom deck is comprised of 29 cards; 24 green Working Wisdom Cards, and 5 Gold Power Cards.  Using instructions from the booklet (lwb) let’s take a look at how Munro intended them to be read.  Below, you will find an abbreviated reading I did using this deck and following the instructions given.

I have separated the 5 Gold Power Cards from the rest of the deck, and have shuffled the remaining cards.  After fanning them out on the table, I drew 3 cards.

1)      The first card represents my past concerns, what has been troubling me, and how I have been dealing with all the issues.   The Oak Elf says, “Not all people in the world are fair, but if you trust with your heart you will find those who share their goodness with you.”   Having trust in others has not been a major issue with me, quite the opposite.  I trust first and probably give (too) many second chances, which can be as big a problem as never trusting anyone.

2)      The second card will bring me a clear understanding of what is going on now.  The Snow Goose Fairy says, “You are about to feel better about what you do.  The thoughts that have held you back in the past are undergoing a change. You are now a more determined person, so allow this to stimulate a better future.”    Pretty self-explanatory, and I can vouch that this is spot-on.

3)      The third card will reveal what I can and should be doing in the future to bring my life into the right place.  The Elm Tree Elf says, “I am familiar to you as an elf who brings goodness to your soul.  For you are a powerful and worthwhile person who needs to recognize your own talents and nurture them.”    This is an issue, as it is I think to a degree for most folks.

*Note – Understanding your reading:  Your first card is showing where you were in your immediate past and your concerns leading to the particular situation that affects you at the moment.  It may be a way of thinking, or a fear or confusion that you need to understand.  The second card indicates where you are now in your life.  It also shows or tells you some of the things that you can do now to help yourself move forward. The final card is one that will show you potential paths so that you realize that your situation can change if you are prepared to make it happen.

Now, for the final card, the Power Card, Fairy Princess of Winter Flowers.  The power card is there to bring greater awareness of the power that is within and how to develop more with the understanding and knowledge that I/you have a powerful team to help. This card reinforces the reading just completed.

“Realize now that this is the right time for you to move on, for you have exhausted the pathway that you have already trodden.  It is time for you to find new areas to walk, as well as new boundaries to cross.  As you travel forward in your life, ,you can also then allow your knowledge to help others to grow.  For when you share, you are allowing other people to benefit from what you have gained.”

I’m pretty sure I know where this is going, LOL.

Just from these few examples, you are able to see the exquisite work (both the art and the booklet) that have gone into making this Oracle.  The booklet is a typical little-white-book, no frills, but there is a lot of content in its 45 pages.   Included are biographies for the author and artist, and a section with instructions for use, (which I touched on briefly above).  The cards are not numbered, but are arranged alphabetically by name.  A description of each woodland character, their job or purpose, and the meaning, are also given.  There are no separate definitions for reversed cards, but Munro advises that if you pick a card and it is upside down, that its message is emphasized showing its importance to your situation and to pay close attention.  She goes on to say, that if you should pick up two cards at the same time, you should keep them as they both apply to your message.

The cards measure approximately 3.5 x 4.75 inches and are of a sturdy card stock with a light matte finish.  The images are framed by either a small green or yellow border and then a narrow white border beyond that.  Because there are only 29 cards, they shuffle easily and do not feel overly bulky.

The backs are an apple green with a white border and an intricate mendala of mushrooms and dragonflies decorate the center.  As you can see, the overall palette is very pleasing to the eye.   The deck and booklet come in a beautifully illustrated card board box with a flip-top lid, suitable for storage.

I’m looking forward to working with this Oracle more in the future, and in my opinion, this is an Oracle deck that should definitely be on your wish list.


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