Samhain Blessings Oct. 31, 2015

October 31, 2015.  Happy Halloween and Samhain Blessings to one and all.

Blessed Samhain

It’s the Night of the Witches’

Night of the Witches

Spiritual New Year Reading.  As mentioned before, Samhain marks the Spiritual New Year so I wanted to do a reading based on this premise.  I am using the New Moon Spread from the companion book, Silver Witchcraft Tarot by Barbara Moore, for the structure of this reading.  Feel free to adapt this Spiritual New Year spread as it suits you and share your thoughts if you wish.   Blessed Be.

  1. Theme:  The theme that will be present in my life over the next year.
  2. What seed needs to be planted and nourished?
  3. What will grow from that seed?
  4. What will manifest?
  5. What needs to be released?Silver Witchcraft Tarot

The Seven of Wands represents my theme for the coming year and in the Silver Witchcraft Tarot, this card is Preserving for the future.  To me this encompasses many things.  Moore writes about the people in the image and how they are preparing for the long winter ahead.  I guess this could be considered the winter of my years.  I don’t expect to fall over (dead) anytime soon, but what do I have to pass on?  What do I have as a legacy or wisdom when there is still so much I want to learn and experience?  What do I have that I need to preserve for the future?  What needs protecting and or defended?  Another theme for this card is standing up for what you believe in and having the courage to defend your position.  Not everyone agrees with my way of thinking and looking at things and that’s ok because my perspective is always evolving.  My basic belief and value system are intact, but I’m willing to build on that with each new experience and new friends I’ve yet to meet.  Moore goes on to say, “We cannot control what the Universe will send to us, in good or in bad.  So even when you prepare to close in, you must also look forward.  Keep and hoard, but also give something back.  Remember…even if the world was to end tomorrow it’s still worth it to plant a tree today.”   

The Seven of Swords represents seeds to be planted.  When the world pushes, you pull.  The figure holds on tightly to the tree as the wind blows strong all around her.  Sometimes that’s all you can do.  Hold on and brace yourself until the storm passes.  Plant your seeds deep and the roots will hold.  “Is it possible to walk against the wind? Yes.  Is it possible to stop the wind from blowing? No.”  As was stated above, we can’t control what the Universe will send us, and it seems there are more battles to be fought and storms to be braved. So, another year of hanging on by the skin of my teeth.  “After the storm has passed, we can assess the damage and regroup.  Through slow and deliberate effort, we will eventually make our goal.” 

The Devil represents what will grow from that seed?  Spiritual Unknown  The Devil as reflection brings all kinds of angst to the forefront.  “The Devil is the first card among those in the Spiritual Sphere.  In many ways he acts like Guardian of the Threshold.  He represents our dark side.  And as any mirror it only has the power we allow it.  But is has power.  A lot of power, because it is in our nature to have a dark side.  And that side chains us to the bottom, even when we try to go to the sky.  Sometimes the Devil is fear, sometimes is greed, sometimes is childishness, sometimes it’s blindness…he changes shapes to fit the challenge we need to overcome in that moment.  But there is only one common thing among the shapes of the Devil: it does not bring any life.”   Ahhha. To gain a better understanding and acceptance of my shadow side.  Check!  More Intense Shadow Tarot work is o the agenda.  

Seven of Pentacles is what will manifest.  Light at the end of the day.  In the Wheel of the year, this card takes almost full circle to the time of Lammas, the first harvest.  It’s still summer but at the cusp of giving over to Autumn.  Timing is critical now, as you don’t want to harvest too soon.  This is a good time to examine our efforts to this point and determine if the results reflect the effort.  What has worked well, what can stand some changes?  “Ends are precious moments, not sad moments. Ends give meaning to journey.  And even if they are not anything by themselves, they are necessary.  Another word for “end” is completion.”  It’s a time for me to take stock and look over the past year’s events to measure my spiritual growth.   I will endeavour to keep a journal of the next year as to have a written account to compare and revisit. 

Page of Chalices represents what needs to be released.  The dreamer.  This one was a little tougher for me to find the lesson.  But being overly sensitive, taking the back seat when I should take more of a leading role, and disregarding rational thinking and common sense, are all area’s I know I would like to work on.  “Dreaming is about a connection between our desire and reality.  Some dreams may be a seed of something more, and others will just disappear to be woven anew different dreams inside our heart.”

And what about all these sevens?  In the Silver Witchcraft Tarot, the seven’s are the harvests in the world.  A time for reflection and/or assessment.  Perfect!  🙂

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