Soul-Full Sunday – August 25, 2019

Your mind, emotions and body are instruments and the way you align and tune them determines how well you play life.
~Harbhajan Singh Yogi

Blessed Soul-Full Sunday! The Soul-Full Sunday Oracle readings are intended to give you a general outlook for the coming week. This week I am using Sacred Mysteries, the Chakra Oracle by Kooch and Victor Daniels, illustrated by Pieter Weltevrede.

The Sacred Trine Spread, focuses on the

  • Mind
  • Body – Physical and emotional
  • Spirit

In the mind position, the Expansion card suggests your need to practice meditation, to concentrate and focus your attention. The author(s) suggest to then “stand behind yourself” and watching your mind in action can open a door to seeing yourself in a new light. This card falls within the Fifth Chakra which represents communication and knowledge. Communication can be a big stumbling block and the root of many misunderstandings. If this is an issue, you might try switching places and looking at the situation (and/or yourself) from their perspective. Listen with your heart as well as your head.

In the body position, the Preservation card reminds you to love your body, listen to what it tells you, become accepting of how you look and feel. It represents heartfelt concerns, feelings, deep emotions, and emotional tensions locked in the physical body.

So many of us do not like our bodies and we might tend to ignore what we instinctively know. This can lead, as we know, to self-esteem and/or health issues. The author(s) suggest “Trusting your heartfelt wisdom can expand self-assurance, integrity, and emotional growth. When what others say you ought to do doesn’t ‘feel quite right’, then listen inwardly to what your own body, mind, and feelings say.” Emotional reactions often lead to internalizing issues that hinder the mind-body connection. This card falls within the Second Chakara or the Passion Chakra which represents emotions, family, and entertainment.

Positions 1 and 2 illustrate the dance between the mind and the heart, logic and emotions, how they work together as well as against each other.

The Spirit position represents the fruition of upward movement of the combined potential of the first two cards. Here you observe the united spirit of mind and heart, either in positive or negative alignment, and how they meet to give birth to a future that has a greater potential. Card 32, Healing, falls within the Fifth Chakra also.

Self-care and awareness of how our outer lives affect our inner life -mind, body, and spirit- is the path to healing. (IMHO) And I should practice what I preach! Who gets enough sleep? Doesn’t work to much? Has no stress? Anyone?

Mentally, our attitude affects our health on all levels. In general, a good attitude will help to improve how we feel. “Attitude affects neural, chemical, and muscular events in the body, and must often be integrated into the recovery of health or a healing of consciousness.”

The author(s) suggests to “find a quiet moment, close your eyes, and focus on your fifth chakra. What energies do you feel in your throat center? What thoughts come to your mind in relation to your power to communicate? Ask yourself, what can I do, or how can I change my life, that will help me be and feel healthier and happier-and for that matter, maybe even help others around me live in better ways, too?”

We’ve all heard this wisdom, but do we take it to heart? Do we actually act on it? This weeks Soul-Full reading strongly suggests it is time. It’s time to take your (and mine) health more seriously and begin a journey to heal, Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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