Soul-Full Sunday Feb. 11,2018

Soul-Full Sunday reading for the week of February 11 – 17, 2018, is from the Mary-El Tarot by Marie White.

5 of Disks – Ace of Disks – The Emperor

To what depths are you willing to delve to discover your true potential?

The Mary-El Tarot“Any human anywhere will blossom in a hundred unexpected talents and capacities simply by being given the opportunity to do so.”  ~Doris Lessing

The opportunity for an absolutely auspicious week ahead it’s up to each of us to take advantage, and our fair share, the wondrous gifts from the Universe available for the taking.

We begin with the 5 of Disks which White describes as the Temple of the Soul, Spirit filling the four fold element of earth.  Where once made flesh, hardships and obstacles must be dealt with, but that paradise is there, always present in the heart.  “It is the pit you have to go down into to retrieve the gold, the knowledge of yourself, of your destiny.  Then you have to bring a balance between that world and the one you live in.”    We are the guardians of our own paradise and eternity is not some other time or place, it’s now.

The Ace of Disks   “Within the universe, within the earth, within our flesh and bone is a heart and within the heart is a golden seed.  The seed is the potential you possess, your golden star, your golden soul, you burning heart.  The seed is the potential you possess, your golden star, your golden soul, your burning heart.  As above, so below.  As below, so above. As inside, so outside. As outside, so inside. As right, so left. As left, so right.  One makes four quarters.  Four quarters makes one.”   Grasp the gift being offered to make a new start, begin again and find the potential hidden.  The Ace advises that the timing could not be more perfect for you to realize your untapped potential and to not let this opportunity slip by. Manifesting your dreams is not a dream, it is the reality.

The Emperor brings the “4’s” together for this reading.  “He is the earthly father archetype and king of kings, ruler of the four quarters of the earth, the four pillars that hold up the heavens, the four sides of a pyramid stable and square.  He imposes order and harmony on the elements.  He is the manifestation of spirit into earth.  Like King Arthur, or the Fisher King of legend, he IS the land, he and the kingdom are one, as if his own body were divided up into mountains and plains, oceans and deserts.  The fate of the land is his fate.”  

Limitless potential and the promise of your soul blossoming into a rare and unique many-petaled flower that stands ready to bloom opening fully in the light that comes from within.  All this and “heaven” too, and all within your grasp.

*re-posted from 2014

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