Soul-Full Sunday Feb. 4, 2018

A look at the week ahead with the Ostara Tarot, by Molly Applejohn, Eden Cooke, Krista Gibbard, and Julia Iredale.  Published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face . . . You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”  ~Eleanor Roosevelt     

Ostara TarotWe begin the week with the Knight of Swords energy.  Knights are all about action and this Knight leaps into the fray swinging.  He is self assured and decisive.  Whether this is in defense of a person, including yourself, or an ideal, you’re being called upon to take a stance.  The suit of Swords doesn’t mince words, rather it’s more likely you need to cut to the chase – cut through the fog and bullshit surrounding the issue and get to the point.

Knights are also messengers and you may feel the need to fill those shoes.  It may fall to you to deliver a message that isn’t well received or wanted.  But, true Knights do not turn from distasteful duties, and you will need to be prepared.  You will want to be sure to have all your facts straight, all your i’s dotted and t’s crossed.  Be clear and concise.  If you happen to be called upon to be the negotiator in a situation.  In which case you will need to clear your mind so you don’t bring any of your own baggage to the table and will be able to better bring the issue to an agreement.

Ostara TarotThe middle of the week brings the energy of the Ace of Cups.  Aces are about beginnings and positivity, and Cups are about love and emotional issues.  Friends, family and/or significant others can play a large role in your life right now and you should let them.   We receive nourishment from Cups, and this can include nourishment for the body, the mind, and the soul.  Remember to feed and care for your spiritual well being by seeking the things which revive your spiritual nature and remind you that you are a spiritual being.

After your role as the Knight of Swords you will probably feel drained and need some bolstering.  Your emotional wells may feel drained as well as your physical energies.  Make some time for being with those who help to bring you back to full strength.

Ostara TarotAs we rap up the week we have the energy of the Strength card to rely on.  Strength is about your inner strength and the grace in which you handle your strength in difficult circumstances.  It shows your strength of character and stamina.  You are armed to deal with unpleasant situations by gathering your courage and confronting obstacles and fears.  Assert yourself when conditions call for it, but not by strong-arming.  You’ll want to apply a degree of compassion and emotional support when dealing with yourself or others.

Wishing one and all a happy and Soul-Full week.


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