Soul-Full Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Soul-Full Sunday Oracle Guidance for the week beginning Sunday, February 14, 2016 is from The Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards by Josephine and Emily Ellershaw.  Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

The Elder We begin the week with card 8, The Elder, who is a guide and teacher.  Everyone experiences (self) doubt at one time or another in our lives and The Elder is here to help us get through these times.

The Elder meets the Seeker on their path and kindly notes their quandary.  “Everyone who came before you and each who will come after experiences doubt, but  those who allow it to conquer them return empty-handed; we do not remember the heroes who did not act, they are swallowed unknown into history.  Within you is a seed of greatness, but only when you recognize that strength will the seed begin to grow.  Before you lies the Kingdom that holds the Book of Destiny, and much besides, but you must be ready to enter.”  (pg. 29)

As we move into the middle of theLady Autumn week we are influenced by a supporting cast card, Lady Autumn.   Her influence on our week may be in the back ground, but it is not diminished due to this.

“Lady Autumn paints the scenery with golden hues; her crown bears the fruit of the season’s bounty as the earth gives up her gifts.  This card indicates the harvest abundance, fruitful endeavors, collecting rewards, and matters bearing fruit, so the influence it holds is a good sign in any situation and the message of abundance provides an additional boost.”  (pg. 129)

Your time, effort, and planning are beginning to pay off and bring their rewards.  The seeds you have planted and tended are bearing a bountiful harvest.

Guardian of the Books

As we head into the end of the week we meet The Guardian of the Books.  She is concerned with our occupation and workplace.  Our dedication to work.

She greets the Seeker with a knowing smile, sensing their growing wonder and curiosity.  hearing their unspoken thoughts, her fingers trace across the spines, searching for the book she knows to be theirs. “It is said there is a magical kingdom where the answer to all life’s mysteries can be found, that wonderful secrets will be revealed to the Seeker of pure heart and good intent, of they are but willing to make the journey.” 

“Can I go there?” the Seeker asks.

“Well of course,” she says, “let me show you the way.”  She places the book into their waiting hands.  “Enter The chronicles of Destiny; venture wisely and seek your fortune.”  

The guardian of the Books has dedicated her life to helping seekers find the answers they desire.  She holds the manuscript close to her heart, representing love and passion for her life work, the golden ink a symbol of value and higher wisdom.  (pg. 17)

How do you feel about your present occupation?  Is it just a job, one that pays the bills, or is it a chosen vocation that you love?   The Guardian can act as a reminder that when we enjoy what we do, it’s no longer considered work, but a vocation that fulfills us and provides a sense of purpose.

Wishing one and all a Blessed week.


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