Soul-Full Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Soul-Full message for the week beginning Sunday, July 19, 2015 is from The Sirian StarSeed Tarot by Patricia Cori & Alysa Bartha.

The Sirian Starseed TarotThe week begins with the desire to examine your progress, or lack there of.  Are you where you expected to be in your career and your financial security?  Do you feel frustrated that your efforts are producing little or nothing compared to what you expected and hoped for?  Are you ready to cut your losses and change direction?  This is a more negative spin for this card than I am used to seeing.  But, reevaluation is necessary in all aspects of our lives from time to time.  Are you happy with the fruits of your labor?  There is always room for improvement, no doubt, but don’t jump in and judge yourself too harshly.  Take stock and see where you are, realistically.  One thing to remember about this suit, that although it is primarily about the physical/material realm, if you find peace and happiness in the process of your endeavors that will feed your soul as much or more than the mere profit side.  The trick is to find the balance. 

As we head into the middle of the week, we move into a new phase. Perhaps a new The Sirian Starseed Tarotphase of understanding?  In this particular (Wheel of Fortune) we are shown the principles of karmic return.  What goes around, comes around. It is the completion of a process, as well as the simultaneous beginning of another.  It gives a sense that change or evolution is already underway.  How an I receiving what I have given?  What great winds of change are upon me? What new cycle of life am I embarking on?  What universal forces are at play in this situation?  How am I being shown what lies ahead?

The Wheel in traditional Tarot is a portend of good fortune, a sign that a change is at hand – a change that is fortuitous.  The Ouroborosthe ancient mythical symbol of the snake eating its own tail, a symbol of eternity and the continual renewal of life, transformation, and rebirth– encircles the wheel.  For me, this symbol and its meaning strike very close to home.  Events and synchronicity have brought this symbol and theme into my life over and over most recently.

The Sirian StarSeed TarotAs we head into that latter part of the week, we see the fruit of our labor ripen and ready for picking.  This card brings the promise of new opportunities in your career, finances, security, and/or a spiritual experiences. Something new is in the works that promises to bring you gain.  What new material concerns are opening up to you: home, career, wealth management?  Are you taking care of your physical body?  A new opportunity opens for abundance in your life-be aware!

Cori describes this image as a flower of the earth, not hidden in the deep soils and minds below but visibly brilliant, there for the taking.  To Starseed, the crystal is a tool of self-exploration, to heal self and others, and to generate energies for the personal environment.  It is a gift of untold  measure, recognized for what it can bring energetically to those who are ready to work with it.   Do you work with crystals for energy, protection, and healing?  Are you open to the possibility of using this tool for enhancing your own ability to manifest?

You won’t want to miss out on the opportunities and gifts that will be offered up to you over the course of the week.  Begin by evaluating where you are at this time and where you had expected to be, plus where you want to be.  Be open and ready for events to present themselves that are fortuitous and will bring good changes.

There are two Earth element (Crystals, Pentacles) cards this week, the beginning and the end, and although this suit is most associated with material wealth and the physical world, keep in mind the spiritual side that is not as obvious.  In her book Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom, Rachel Pollack said:  “Work, whether physical, artistic, or spiritual, cannot succeed if the person thinks only of the end result.  We have to care about the work itself.  The way to Spirit for Pentacles lies not so much in success, or even awareness of value in ordinary things, as in the work that allows us to appreciate those things.”


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