Soul-Full Sunday, June 14, 2015

The week’s Soul-Full Message is from the Oracle of Visions by Ciro Marchetti.

Oracle of Visions“Balance & Equality”

      “Despite our differences, by changing our position, our stance, or direction, we also may find a common ground and jointly interact.  A process that is made easier when both sides participate in unison.”    ~Ciro Marchetti

What particular aspect of my life do I need to bring more balance to?  Home? Work? Spiritual? Physical Health?  How can I create this balance?  Is there something missing that would even out the scale? Am I stubbornly seeing only one side when there are always two sides to a story?  (You fill in the blank as it pertains to you.)

Achieving ‘Balance’ in our lives, is most assuredly a life long chore of adding a little here and taking away a little there.  It seems to only occur in instances that are few and far between and they do not last very long – at times it seems, only for milli-seconds.

     “Balance by default requires equality of purpose, position and desire.  Both sides of a pivotal point must consider the position of the other.  If one side fails to cooperate balance is lost.”  ~CM

Take the time to ponder the questions above in regards to bringing more Balance into the areas of your life where it’s most needed.

Wishing you a wonderful week of Balance and Equality, achieved.


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