Soul-Full Sunday, June 21, 2015

The week’s (June 21-27) Soul-Full Message is from the The Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert – 2011.  Llewellyn Publications, edition.

The Gaian TarotElder of Air – Six of Fire – The Teacher

Affirmation / Thought for the Day“My heart sings, my feet dance, my mind seeks the knowledge, wisdom, and peace found in the natural world around me.”

  • We start the week off with the Elder of Air and he offers the gift of inspiration, balance, and clarity.  His music can create a sacred space where deep wisdom and enlightenment are accessible.  He shows us how to experience communion with the Great Mystery through worship, praise, or meditation.  He sets an example of a life well-lived.  His ally Luna Moth flies high, carrying messages to and from the ancestors.
  • Mid-week is the Six of Fire which speaks of raising energy for magic, healing, and transformation.  You may be experiencing an altered sense of reality, or are charged with power at the center of the circle.  You are playing your own instrument and making your own unique contribution to the communal dance.  Celebrate-dance to the music!
  • End-week we have The Teacher, which may signal the arrival of a spiritual teacher in your life-or you may be ready to become a teacher to others.   The Teacher calls you to become intimately acquainted with the natural world in the place where you live as part of your spiritual practice.

Today marks the Summer-Solstice at 12:39 pm est, and is the longest day of the year, meaning that the sun is at its highest and we have more daylight hours than dark hours.  Hence the name, the longest day of the year.  There are many spiritual practices that celebrate the solstices by gathering for events, socializing, drumming, meditation, eating, etc.  Just down the road from me is The Great Serpent Mound where groups meet to observe natural events such as stargazing, meteor showers, equinox and solstices. These celebrations are growing more popular each year.  If you’re local, you might want to check this one out.

Obviously you don’t need to attend such celebrations to participate in solstice observances, but you might consider going once and see how it is.  Celebrate all week by immersing in Soul-Full activities.  Make music, dance, sing, drum, chant, seek a spiritual teacher and/or guide, enter into a new course of spiritual study or path, just to name a few.

You can kick start your week by visiting the Summer Solstice Tarot Blog Hop which will be going live today at 11:00 am est.  You can start with my blog or anywhere in the hop and just follow the links.  I hope you’ll join us!

“Solstice Sunrise”

Nighttime skies fade to pink

Cricket song on the breeze

Night dew clings to blade and branch

Before the mists of morning flee.

Rising higher, blazing forth

Eastern sky burning bright

The Sun ascends, his glory shines

Upturned faces trace his flight.

Celebrate in the Solstice Sunrise

Bask in life-giving light

With open arms greet the dawning

This longest day & briefest night.

~Koneta Bailey – 2012

The Sun - Gaian Tarot

“The Sun” from the The Gaian Tarot

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