Soul-Full Sunday June 26, 2016

This week’s Soul-full Sunday Oracle Guidance is from the Chrysalis Tarot by Toney Books and Holly Sierra.  Used with permission, U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 2014.

Chrysalis Tarot

We begin the week with the energy of the Page of Spirals “The Mime”.  Spirals correspond with Wands in traditional Tarot.  Page’s can carry messages or the messenger.  Sometimes we find that the best way to communicate is to be silent.  Mimes communicate through expression, their actions, and general demeanor.  Their message is conveyed through non-verbal communication.

“Silence is the art of the soul.  The famous mime, Marcel Marceau, said his goal was always to ‘reveal the inside of the Self and the depth of our feelings’.  In readings, the Mime sheds gleams of light on the shadow of man startled by his anguish.  Great power and wisdom are communicated with silence.” (pg. 203)

I have found that the spoken word alone can be misinterpreted or misunderstood and the same can be said of non-verbal communication, for example, a facial expression or the set of one’s shoulders can often be read wrong and out of context.  

To better be heard and/or get your message across, you might consider the art of remaining silent.  Communicate by action and deed rather than the spoken word.

The middle of the week brings the energy of the Five of Scrolls (Swords).  The Five of The Chrysalis TarotScrolls is about self-sacrifice.  The five’s in Tarot are challenge cards and the Five of Scrolls  is the pay-it-forward card.  You are being asked to choose a virtue and pay it forward as an act of self-sacrifice.  Your reward is when your action is returned to you ten-fold.  Your challenge is to accept this task and do not resist or fight it.

“Excalibur is not a vicious instrument of power or vengeance in Chrysalis; it symbolizes self-sacrifice and personal destiny.  The steel of Excalibur was tempered to slash through the bramble of proud and pompous egos so the purple light of higher consciousness could illuminate a more appropriate path.  Although things may seem dark at times, the five of Scrolls is filled with magic and the promise of hope.” (pg. 167)

The five Arthurian virtues are: loyalty, courage, hopefulness, compassion and generosity.  Which virtue do you plan to pay it forward?

Chrysalis Tarot As we move towards the end of the week, we move into the energy of Ma’at or Justice.  The energy of of this card is that of balance and justice.

We, as a people, are feeling the need to return to balance more than ever.  Both on a large and small scale, the scales of balance are all one-sided.  Then, right before our eyes, the balance shifts to weigh down the opposite side.  This is also reflected in our personal lives as well.  There is a constant need to make adjustments to the scales to retain as much balance as possible.

“Ma’at is the Egyptian goddess of justice and balance.  The lioness goddess pictured on the card is Sekhmet, her protector.  Together they symbolize the Divine Feminine and point to a lack of justice and balance that characterized many periods of human history while the Divine Feminine lived in exile.  Since humanity exiled her, it is we who pay the price of imbalance and injustice in today’s world.  An end to patriarchy does not presage matriarchy, but rather a return to balance.”  (pg. 69)

Affirmation/Thought for the week:  “By action and deed I will endevour to live by and pay forward the virtues that bring balance to both mine and the lives of my fellow-man.”


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