Soul-Full Sunday June 5, 2016

This week’s Soul-Full Sunday-Oracle Guidance post is from The Avalonian Oracle by Jbenab Telyndru, illustrated by Emily Brunner – 2016.  Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

The Avalonian OracleThe week begins with the Moon of Initiation.  The Avalonian Oracle, includes 13 Moon cards which are intended for deepening our connection with the yearly cycle by harnessing lunar energies to assist in our understanding of our inner process.

Moon 1

Moon of Initiation

Key words:  Starting a new Cycle, gathering resources, assessing situations, seeking solutions, acknowledging personal power, honoring our winner wisdom.

The Universe is nudging you in the direction you’ve been wanting to take, but for some reason, you’ve yet to initiate.  Personally I know the direction I need/must take, but I keep putting it off.  I know that if I don’t take the initial steps I will never attain the goal I have in mind.  And yet, I don’t act.  Just getting started, for me, is the most difficult step, and really not hard at all.

“The Universe supports your efforts in kind, but energy must be expended.  Esoteric practices such as visualizations or ritual workings that harness the law of attraction about to little if there is no action to accompany the intention.  Initiative tin the physical world  must be taken to manifest the changes you desire to see.The greater part of wisdom is to now allow your knowledge to be limiting: recognizing your self-destructive patterns and understanding your Shadow tendencies does not make you a victim of them or provide you with an excuse when they express themselves in your life.  Instead, we are called to balance our Shadow with our Sovereignty, to bring light and healing where there was only darkness and pain, and to seek out that path which brings us closer to our authenticity.  A good, honest look into the mirror of our souls is just the beginning of the Great Work at hand.”  (pg 50-51

The Avalonian OracleCeridwen

Key words: Wisdom, creativity, inspiration, death and rebirth, shapeshifting, change, release, shedding, manifestation, confronting the Shadow, balance of Higher and Lower Selves, mastery.

Speaking of Shadow, and no one likes to, but Ceridwen jumped from the deck reinforcing the need to examine, talk about, and balance our Shadow.

“Entering into the presence of Ceridwen, we are called to contemplate the places in our lives that are hidden Shadow, and the ways in which we can affect change in order to bring these aspects of ourselves into the light of Sovereignty.  Ceridwen teaches us to embrace the lessons that come to us in our lives, so that we may grow from them.  Growth and transformation are imminent, but how difficult the process will be is up to you.” (pg 39-40)

“By embracing my dark shadows I am healing and becoming whole.  I am gaining wisdom and learning compassion.”  ~Christine Jette

The Avalonian Oracle


Key words:  Creativity, manifestation, skill, service, practicality, support, beauty, equity, transformation, and exchange of energy.

This card shows us what can be accomplished when we act on our intentions and work the steps to achieve them.

“The Artisan brings with her a powerful opportunity to engage in the manifestation of an aspect of your personal Sovereignty.  The ability to create the life that you want lies within you: although you may not be able to see the full picture from this vantage point, that which you need in order to begin is already available to you.  You possess the tools you need to help you face the present challenges and, as you meet them, you will gain access to new tools and attain new perspectives, which in turn, grant you new strategies with which to face the next set of challenges.  Trust in your abilities, use your tools, and know that each step you take on the path of right action brings you closer to the full manifestation of your Sovereign Self.”

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