Soul-Full Sunday Oct. 23, 2016

The Soul-Full Sunday Oracle Guidance for the week beginning October 23 – 29, 2016 is from the Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan – 2016.  Blue Angel Publishing.

Dreams of Gaia Tarot Seven of Fire

We begin the week with the need to be more aware of our natural intuitional abilities and trusting in our skills to divine probable outcomes.

“The Seven of Fire represents the development and use of one’s intuition to see the way forward, and predict possible outcomes.  Intuition is that gut feeling – it is an instinctual or unconscious knowing – that, when you heed it, can keep you safe from making mistakes, and lead you to being in  the right place at the right time.  It is a feeling of recognition that we often ignore, but if we choose to heed, can have us moving through life in harmonious accord with our surrounding.”  ~ Ravynne Phelan

Two of AirDreams of Gaia Tarot

For many, having the ability to divine for the future and being able to step aside from our doubts and fears of trusting ourselves, are at odds with each other.  For whatever reason, and there are many, the act and art of divination is considered evil or pooh poohed and creates a in-the-closet stigma that is difficult to overcome.

The Two of Air is about duality and unity, bringing together opposites to the point where they complement each other, rather than fight each other.

“The Two of Air represents both duality and polarity, and the theory that everything in creation has an opposite.

Duality is the theory that two opposing forces come together to create a state of chaos.  In this theory, positive and negative poles repel each other, and so there is a constant and ongoing battle between the two, where one seeks to overcome or be rid of the other. 

Polarity, however, is the idea that two opposing forces exist in all things within the universe, not as separate competing forces, but as complementary, opposing aspects of a singular whole.  In this theory, one is just as necessary as the other; one does not exist without the other – and, in some situations, depending upon one’s perspective, one could be even said to be and identical mirror image of the other.”  ~ Ravynne Phelan

Dreams of Gaia Tarot

Six of Water

 Kindness is a prominent key word for the Six of Water in the Dreams of Gaia Tarot and in this weeks reading the kindness is aimed at everyone, of course, but more importantly don’t forget to be kind to yourself.  If this concept is unfamiliar and you aren’t sure what that means, these key phrases may help.

  • See all the at is good and pure in humanity
  • Strive to be better
  • Embrace healthy boundaries
  • Accept that you will falter
  • Overcome obstacles with gentle determination
  • Do not meet aggression with aggression
  • Be kind and walk away

“The Six of Water is the epitome of kindness and concern. She represents all that is good and pure within humanity and an ideal that many strive to meet.  She is kind, but not to a fault.  She displays concern and care, but does so with a level of emotional detachment.  She is sympathetic, compassionate, and giving, but not the extent that she leaves nothing for herself.  She is understanding, and aware that we all think, believe, and see life in a unique way, and that this determines how we behave and respond to others.  She is forgiving, but forgives because she knows the act sets her free and enables her to move forward without being weighed down by past experiences.”  ~Ravynne Phelan

Thought for the week:  “By listening to my inner voice and following my heart, I will learn to trust my instincts and let compassion be my guide.”

Have a wonderful soul-fulfilling week of discovery, awakenings, and insights.

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