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The Sun - Simply Deep Tarot

“Solstice Sunrise”

Nighttime skies fade to pink

Cricket song on the breeze

Night dew clings to blade and branch

Before the mists of morning flee.

Rising higher, blazing forth

Eastern sky burning bright

The Sun ascends, his glory shines

Upturned faces trace his flight.

Celebrate in the Solstice Sunrise

Bask in life-giving light

With open arms greet the dawning

This longest day & briefest night.

                                                                                                                                                ~K. Bailey

Summer Solstice Sunrise Spread

Summer Solstice Spread by Koneta


  1. Present:  What is just peeking over the horizon for you?
  2. Challenge:  How will you greet it?   In light or in shadow?
  3. Advice:  What is the best way to embrace this energy to bring in new light?
  4. Outcome:  How best can I shine and/or share this New Light?

This is how my Summer Solstice Sunrise reading looks.   How did yours turn out?

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*images used:  The Sun-Simply Deep Tarot by Chanel Bayless and James Battersby (Schiffer Pulbishing Ltd.) & The Golden Tarot by Kat Black (U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)



18 thoughts on “Summer Solstice Sunrise – Blog Hop

  1. Kerry and Chloe, Thanks so much for your kind words and for stopping by. 🙂

  2. That World card seems to say you can shine your new light by embracing others – as you have done here by sharing with us all 🙂 Lovely post, Koneta, thank you!

  3. Interesting juxtaposition between the Page of Cups and the King of Swords! 🙂 Emotional creativity coupled with communicative clarity – definitely see that in your poem 😉

  4. Sharon, thank you for the words of encouragement. “Moving beyond the garden” I never thought it that way. Love it!

  5. Hi Koneta: Truly an elegant post with poem and spread shining so brightly. I received the Five of Earth,reversed Gaian as outcome. Much hmmmming here as I realize that looking after practical matters simply without worry and sharing the process helps my light shine. Thank you.

  6. Lovely poem and a great spread! As others have said, how wonderful to draw The World in the final position! You’re moving beyond the garden usually depicted in the Sun card and on to wider horizons 🙂 And with confidence too! 🙂

  7. That’s a great spread idea and I am going to try that later today as there are a few things buzzing around that I need to explore more!

    And the poem is lovely too – well done, Koneta. Talented lady!

    Ali x

  8. That is my favorite deck! What a great outcome you received! And strangely, no fire. Wanna hear my outcome card? The irony…. I pulled the Sun! Funny!

  9. Thank You for this great Summer Solstice Sunrise Spread, Koneta! Love the shape as the rising sun. I pulled 2 cards for position 2: a #2a Challenge card and a #2b a “light or shadow?” card. Card 4 became the Outcome by Shine-n-Share card. Diggin’ my cards!

    Thanks, and a SaWEET and Sunny Solstice to Ya!

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