Review -Pagan Ways Tarot

Pagan Ways TarotPagan Ways Tarot

by: Anna Franklin


Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-4900-3

“There are unseen Otherworlds overlapping our own, populated by gods and goddesses, nature spirits, and elementals.  For the Pagan, everything has a soul or spiritual essence.  This deck is based on the Pagan worldview, its symbols, and teachings, and offers 78 beautiful cards featuring gods and goddesses.  An accompanying guide tells the story of the Fool as h e journeys through the Minor and Major Arcanas, encountering the forces that shape him and each one of us.  The myths of the gods create links between cards, between the Majors and Minors, and between the inner and outer paths we walk.”

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Reading Friday, June 26, 2015

Reading for Friday, June 26, 2015 is from the Pagan Ways Tarot by Anna Franklin – 2015, Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

Pagan Ways TarotAce of Swords – Ten of Wands – Nine of Pentacles

Affirmation / Thought for the Day:  “I see the way clear to release burdens and responsibilities which I can delegate or share with others.  I release the need to do everything myself and the need to control what I have no control over.”

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Card of the Day 092713

The cotd for Friday, September 27, 2013 comes from the Sacred Circle Tarot by Anna Franklin.

Ten of Disks - Sacred Circle Tarot

“Traditions, Old & New”

“This card is concerned with family and tradition.  It may concern family wealth, property, or an heirloom passed on–material security based on the work of others in the past.  Perhaps you are impelled to research your family history and bloodline or found a dynasty of your own.  Perhaps a family home is about to be bought or sold.” 

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COTD – February 15, 2013

The cotd for Friday February 15, 2013 comes from The Sacred Circle Tarot by Anna Franklin & Paul Mason.

The Sacred Circle Tarot, Ten of Disks“Traditions, Security, & Chicken Little”

I was in the mood to listen to some folk music this morning while writing, so I shouldn’t be surprised when the Ten of Disks (Pentacles-Coins) turned up as the CardOfTheDay.   With artists like Blackmore’s Night & Loreena Mckennit playing in the next room, the music proved to be a perfect backdrop for the Celtic scenes of The Sacred Circle Tarot.

Although front and center in the image, the Disks are really not the focal symbol.  It’s the Rooks flying overhead.  According to the author, “Rooks are birds of omen and are thought to be able to predict the future; they know when the tree in which they are nesting is about to fall and will move out.  According to superstition, if

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