Good-Bye & Good Riddance – 2010

Happy New Year!  Wow, January 1, 2011.  The year of the Emperor.  It’s a pretty quiet, rainy, and fairly warm day here in my neck of the woods.  Unusual for this time of year, unless the rain is of the freezing variety.  All in all, a very “moderate” day to start the new year with.   I can actually hear an occasional bird chip outside as my windows are cracked open.  I’m sure it won’t last long though.  This is January and Ohio after all.

With a brand new year starting today, and a new decade as well, there is lots of talk about closing out the old year.  What better way to do that than with a Tarot reading?  Perfect, in my opinion.  Donnaleigh de LaRose of, posted on her blog a Tarot spread specifically geared at closure for 2010.  I thought I would give it a try.

  1. What were my biggest lessons in 2010?
  2. What am I most proud of from this past year?
  3. What were my biggest disappointments in 2010?
  4. What am I ready to let go of from this past year?
  5. What else do I need to do or say to be totally complete with 2010?

Fenestra Tarot

1.      Six of Swords.  – A better understanding of the emotional baggage we can carry around and how it affects us on a physical level.

2.     Five of Cups -The ability to help others see and appreciate what they have, and not what they feel they may have lost.

3.      The Star – That my optimistic outlook, on several levels, didn’t work out better than hoped.

4.      Eight of Pentacles – Projects and or ideas that did not pan out or just never got started.

5.      Queen of Wands – Leave behind what didn’t work, and look to the future for inspiration and creative thinking.  Be more passionate about everything in my life.

Give this a try and see where you may need some closure.  Be sure to visit Donnaleigh’s web site and blog for all kinds of Tarot goodies.

*images are from the Fenestra Tarot by Chatriya, and US Games Systems, INC and can be purchased from Amazon and US Games.

Have a very Happy Tarot’ing and Prosperous New Year!

Beginners Mind – My Reading

On September 12, 2010 Barbara Moore introduced listeners on the Beyond Worlds Tarot Tribe Blog Talk Radio weekly show, to a new spread that she designed, based on the concept of having a Beginners Mind-set.  Below are the cards I drew using the Anna.K Tarot.    The base spread begins with The Fool at the top and the 4 Page’s.

Barbara’s instructions for this spread:  Place the Fool and the 4 pages, then shuffle and lay out 5 cards, one below each card you laid out.

The Fool/Card 1 = what you need to approach with a Beginners Mind in your life.

  • The Fool and 6 of Rods; These two cards really complement each other here I think.  The Fool is young, care free and totally un-self conscious.  The boy in the 6 of Rods is not self-conscious either, raising his arms in the air celebrating and being half naked in front of a cheering crowd.  While recognition and success are wonderful there is a warning here as well.  Don’t make the mistake of bragging or thinking your all that.  A winner can become a loser again rather quickly.

Page of Wands/Card 2 = what kind of passion/will/intent you need for this adventure.

  • Page of Rods and 4 of Pentacles; This Page is curious, he peeks over the garden wall to see what is going on or who might be on the other side.   On the other side he sees 4 other children.  One in particular holds his attention as he seems to be trying to hide from the others or at least hide what he has in his arms.  I really wasn’t sure where to go with this one at first but, I think that in this case, it’s telling me to hold back a bit.  Don’t lay all my cards on the table at once.  Keep a few tricks up my sleeves.

Page of Cups/Card 3 = what kind of emotion/relationship/connection you need.

  • Page of Cups and The High Priestess; This Page invites us to cultivate and look inside for the well of love, compassion, and harmony.  The High Priestess paired with this Page has the wisdom to know these emotions with intuition added to the mix makes for a powerful combination.  These paired cards to me seem to equal the Temperance Card.  She (High Priestess) strives to touch the world with her soul and become one with it.

Page of Swords/Card 4 = what kind of reasoning/logic/communication

  • Page of Swords and Queen of Swords;  A very logical and straightforward combination, mixed in with a sharpness of intellect as well as her cutting tongue.  Hopefully the Page will balance the Queen a bit without allowing her to become too calculating and cold.  Striving for insight and clarity are commendable, but not at the expense of losing sight of human emotions.  Both given and received.

Page of Pentacles/Card 5 = what kind of resources you need.

  • Page of Pentacles and The Sun; This Page asks us to practice patience and to enjoy life now!  The Sun card stands for happiness, light and warmth.  The joy of life.  The resources needed and supplied here are a joyful life.  The time to stop and smell the roses, listen to the brook as it babbles, and the birds song.  A reminder to appreciate and respect our natural resources.  The things we take for granted but, the most important things in life.

This was a  fun exercise and I think very revealing (as only Tarot can be) for perspective and lessons in keeping a Beginners Mind-set now and in the future.   It’s like a Reset Button has been installed.   Push the button and your slate is clean, the junk that accumulates on your “Clipboard” and can cause issues to be cloudy or jumbled, can be seen clearly once your clipboard has been emptied.  You now have a clean slate, an open and Beginners Mind without the extra baggage.

Try this spread out for yourself and see what advice you get for achieving a beginners mind. You may be surprised at the areas you are shown that need to be cleared up and unblocked.

Press the Reset Button and get your Beginners Mind-set back.  Be sure to drop me a note about how this spread worked for you.   You can find Barbara Moore through her web-site at Practical Tarot and on Facebook.  Donnaleigh of Beyond Worlds: Your Tarot tribe can be found at, and on Facebook.

In the mean time, Happy Tarot’ing!

When the Six of Pentacles comes to call.

I am feeling somewhat embarrassed and ashamed of myself tonight.  Just today I read two beautiful blogs about unconditional love and what it means.   Donnaleigh and SouthernSky both wrote thought provoking and motivating articles on this high ideal.  It was very easy for me to sit in my recliner and read their words, agreeing with their sentiments and spouting my own 2 cents worth.  Two cents was all it was worth too.

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