Review – Simply Deep Tarot

What better way to review/interview a new deck, but to take it out for a spin?   One of the newest decks to hit the market, and one I have personally anxiously awaited, the Simply Deep Tarot by Chanel Bayless and James Battersby, has been released this month by Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

So, what is “Simply Deep Tarot“, you might ask.

“A Rider Waite-style, 78-card Tarot deck designed to help a reader immediately connect with traditional meanings of the cards.  Using a basic viewpoint, these vibrantly painted cards implore you to delve deeper on an emotional level, yet still supply interesting little nuances to everyday life.  The booklet includes exercises allowing you to bond with your personal story through each card and describes the benefits of achieving emotional detachment energetically.  Each card is defined in both upright and reversed meanings with keywords included.  Find out how simple it is to read the Tarot and explore you own personal story!”

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