COTD – Feb. 23, 2013

The cotd for Saturday February 23, 2013 comes from Tarot Leaves by Beth Seilonen.  (See Tarot Leaves Review here)

Tarot Leaves - Three of Pentacles“Everybody’s Workin’ for the Weekend”

It’s Saturday morning here in my little corner of the world.  It’s cold, but it’s above freezing and the sun is peeking out from time to time.  I have plans for the weekend, the usual stuff.  The stuff that I look forward to all week, well, everything except the laundry.  What am I doing this weekend?  I’ll be doing some reading, and writing, I don’t have to go anywhere – Bonus! – cooking, catching up on articles and reviews, helping my husband with his web business where I can, and hopefully work in making some new Tarot Bags.  Sound like fun?  No?  Well it does to me.  🙂

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Review and Chat with Tarot Leaves

Title:  Tarot Leaves

Author and Artist:  Beth Seilonen

Publisher:  Schiffer Publishing Ltd. 2011

ISBN:  978-0-7643-3903-5

Introduction                                                                                                                                                                                                                           “The purpose of this Tarot is to offer an interpretation to the art of the Tarot Leaves through the artists’ eyes.  This deck utilizes symbols that are commonly found throughout Tarot, though it does take departure from the standard, as the images are seen through the silhouettes of leaves.”

Tarot Leaves is a 78 card deck which uses the shapes of Maple, Apple, Oak, and Birch leaves, to illustrate the symbolism utilizing color to help convey the meaning.  The deck structure is traditional with 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minors.  Strength is number eight (8), which makes Justice number eleven (11).  The cards are approximately 2.75 x 4.5 and have a high gloss finish on heavy yet pliable, cardstock.  The finish felt a little sticky to me when I first started using the deck, but, I found that the more I shuffled and worked with the cards, the smoother they handled.  The Court is made up of King, Queen, Knight, and Page.  The Major Arcana have retained their traditional titles and the four suits of the minors remain Wands, Swords, Cups, and Pentacles.  The art is surrounded by a white border and the backs are reversible.  The palette runs from lovely pale pastels to rich and vibrant russet.

Beth describes the suits as follows:  “The spiritual aspects of this deck were drawn from those memorable places where the connections to the higher self developed a heightened sense to the world around.  Seeing abundance (Pentacles and Coins) was more than just about money;  thoughts (Wands) developed into ethics and philosophy; spiritual (Cups) grew into greater understanding of the beauty of life itself;  and actions (Swords) in daily life had a profound effect on intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships.”  As you can see there is only a slight variance to the more commonly applied associations.

The companion book (lwb-little white book) is 95 pages and includes a black and white copy of each card with a definition for upright and reversed orientation.  Also included are two spreads and author’s notes.  The book and deck both tuck snugly in the beautifully illustrated and very sturdy box.

I met Beth briefly at the Readers Studio Conference this past year at her vendor table where she displayed several of her beautiful self published decks.  Beth has created approximately 60 different decks, each with it’s own unique style & flavor.  Please visit Beth’s website for more information.

I have to admit that when I first saw this deck advertised I was a bit skeptical in it’s readability.  That was totally unfair, as I soon found out once I started working it.  It didn’t take me long to realize just how readable and engaging it is.   This deck would be suitable for an experienced as well as a novice reader.

I sat down to have a little chat with Tarot Leaves, and when I asked who would be speaking on behalf of the deck the Chariot immediately  volunteered her services.  She stated that she was “the most qualified since she is able to maintain balance between the light and dark aspects of life that permits one to be ready for whatever comes along.”  Ok, sounds good to me.  Lets meet some of the other members and see how the light and dark aspects are balanced.

 The Queen of Wands is the creative live wire that exists in everyone.  She greets whatever comes at her, head on.  On the other hand, the Four of Swords refuses to look at the truth and will be taken by surprise.

Judgment stands on the edge of day and night and faces her reality, releasing the past and accepting the present to move on to her future.  The Eight of Cups turns away overwhelmed, fearful, and dissatisfied.

The Tower  and the Three of Pentacles, tearing down what has been planned and built.

The hope and healing found in The Star,  and the hopelessness and despair as seen in the Three of Swords.

Thank you Tarot Leaves and especially Chariot, for sharing these lovely examples with us.  I think we can all see the importance of balance and the lessons we learn in the process of achieving that balance.    I have certainly enjoyed working with this deck and look forward to a long relationship into the future.   Thumbs up for quality, readability, beauty, and uniqueness.

DETOUR – Muddy Road Ahead

Today’s draw is from the new deck Tarot Leaves, by Beth Seilonen.  High Priestess, Ten of Swords and Page of Swords.

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs.

I see caution here, to step carefully, listen more and speak less.  There looks to be a delicate situation that needs careful handling.  Whatever is being flagged has “FRAGILE” – Handle With Care, stamped all over it.

It’s not in my nature to tip toe around, but the older I get,  the more I see the wisdom and necessity.  Being too rash by opening-mouth-&-inserting-foot, can lead to some awkward and embarrassing moments.

I have an appointment today for my haircut.  A place ripe with lots of conversation and to overhear, (whether you want to or not) news and stories you may otherwise never hear.  Many times what you hear in the beauty-shop is just what someone else has ‘overheard’ someplace else.  Even if it seems personal, or something I may know the truth of, I need keep my mouth shut and refrain from setting someone ‘right’.

When I head out today I will try to remember the DETOUR-Muddy Road Ahead advice I’ve been shown here.  The messages will be muddy and I need to steer clear of them.