COTD – February 16, 2013

The cotd for Saturday February 16, 2013 comes from “A King’s Journey Tarot”  (oop) by Chanel Bayless & James Battersby.  (The Sun)

A King's Journey Tarot, The Sun

“Wounded Optimism”

Is the Sun shining in your world today, either figuratively or literally?  Are you a partly cloudy or partly sunny kind of person?  I am an optimist at heart and lean more towards the partly sunny perspective.  No matter how dark the day seems.  But, I know others who are not able to see anything but the darker side or partly cloudy side to everything.

Do you remember the character “Schleprock” from the Flintstones?  IMHO a mostly-cloudy kind of guy.  Everywhere he went, his cloud of Doom & Gloom went with him.  Flintstones - Schleprock

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COTD – February 14, 2013

The cotd for Thursday February 14, 2013 comes from the Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti.

Knight of Coins - Tarot of Dreams “Hurry up and Wait”

Before you leave for the day be sure to take an extra dose of patience.  You’re going to need it. It’s going to be one of those kinds of days, so if you have an appointment or several, don’t get in too big of a hurry as you will likely be waiting longer than expected. It’s not a conspiracy, everyone’s schedule is behind and you may as well just accept it and cool your heels.  It’s your turn, when it’s your turn.

Be reasonable (even if you don’t feel like it) and expect little delays, even allowing some extra time.  If you’re late, the longer wait time you and everyone else will have.  Do your part and show up on time, but be prepared.  Your  so called “schedule” will have to be flexible.  You might as well and make the most of it.

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COTD – February 11, 2013

The cotd for Monday February 11, 2013 comes from “The Incidental Tarot” by Holly DeFount.

The Incidental TarotFour of Arrows Accomplishment and energy channeled into successful ventures.  Foundations are complete; celebration of achievement.

A happy portend for this Monday morning in regards to how the day is likely to proceed.  Whatever the situation or place you find your day takes you, you will feel at home with both the people and surroundings.    The Universe has wrapped warm fuzzies up (just for you – with whipped cream and a cherry on top) and delivered them right to your doorstep.  All you have to do is open the door and scoop it from the stoop.

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