Reading for Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Reading for Tuesday, August 18, 2015 is from the Tarot D: The Didactic Tarot by Jeffrey M. Donato 2015 – Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Tarot D - The Didactic TarotThe Tower – The Tremors of the Stricken Tower

Meaning:  chaotic, terrifying, competitive, dynamic, impulsive, power, motivation, resourcefulness, investigative, passionate, vengeful, temperamental, disruption, upheaval, crumbling, eclipse, rapid change, downfall, revelation, release, crisis, eruption, being humbled, suffering, realization, cataclysm.

In the Tarot D Tower, the battle and lightening strikes allow the prisoners to escape thus setting them free.  The hero of this story, Fledgling, was cast in the tower where he was expected to remain for all time.  The Tower being struck down was a lucky day for him, not the cataclysmic event that we normally associate with this card.  His freedom helped to insure that growth and life would continue anew. Continue reading

Reading March 9, 2015

Reading for Monday, March 9, 2015 is from the Steele Wizard Tarot by Pamela Steele – 2006.

Steele Wiazrd TarotNine of Pentacles – The Tower – The Lovers

“She had built a beautiful and solitary life for herself, working diligently she built a strong foundation for her future, but, at some point, she noticed cracks in the foundation. Cracks that could only be filled with the sticky-substance, a by-product of her joy that came from the  friendships and connections with the people in her life – her past, her present, and her future.”   ~Koneta 

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Reading February 14, 2014

The reading for Friday, February 14, 2014 comes from the Dream Raven Tarot by Beth Seilonen, Schiffer Publishing 2013.   (Dream Raven Tarot review can be seen HERE.)


King of Swords, Five of Cups, Page of Pentacles

“Warning Signs”

Dream Raven TarotEver have one of those “Tower” moments, when you think you had no prior warning?  Just becauseThe Tower didn’t turn up doesn’t mean there haven’t been warning signs.   Continue reading

Card of the Day Oct. 18, 2013

The cotd for Friday, October 18, 2013 is from the Zombie Tarot by Stacey Graham.

The Tower

“Avoiding Head-on Collision”

Going out this evening or over the weekend?  If you have plans to hang out and/or party with friends and family (tiz the season of zombie parties, etc) and you are in tune with the vibes of those around you, you’re likely to pick up on some strong undercurrents.  “Things” aren’t as kosher as they may appear on the surface.  Changes are coming and in this adjustment period, feelings of being off-kilter will prevail.  A disruptive force may show its face and stir up the emotional pot.  You can help those that are most directly involved by being the port in the storm.

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