Tarot Blog Hop – June 21, 2015

Summer Solstice Blog Hop – 2015


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Cotd – Stay the Course

Cotd for Saturday, September 20, 2014 from The Druid Craft Tarot by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm.  Illustrated by Will Worthington.

Druid Craft Tarot - The LadyThe Lady (Empress):  The Lady represents the Goddess and the land.  She is Mother Nature, the Empress or Sovereign of the natural world. The Lady blesses you with abundance and fertility.  The Lady encourages you to open to love and to trust.  However hard life may have been the blessings of the Goddess and of Nature are all around you, and all you need to do is accept them graciously, and begin to live your life with passion and purpose.  Open yourself to the fertile nurturing power of the Goddess.  This power will fill you with passion and the ability to be creative and to enjoy a life of abundance and sensual delight. The Lady asks us to respect her, but she also encourages us to enjoy the passions and the beauties of the world and of our natural selves.  She shows us the way to abundance and the flowering of our creative potential.  (pg. 111) Continue reading

Mabon – Tarot Blog-Hop

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Autumn is my very favorite time of year.  I love the cooler temperatures, the changing colors, the crisp and pungent fragrances, the sound of rustling leaves, the honking calls of the wild geese as they fly overhead, and the activities that traditionally occur.  Activities like, Samhain, Halloween themed camp-outs, Trick or Treating, hay rides, collecting leaves, dressing up, decorating with fodder shocks, pumpkins, and ghoulies, and going to Haunted Houses.  I should mention too, that I am a Scorpio, another reason I think that I love this season so well.

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