A Photograph with the Steampunk Tarot

The new Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore and illustrated by Aly Fell, arrived this week and I have SO been looking forward to playing and reading with it.  Today I decided to try one of the spreads found in the Steampunk Tarot Manual.  This one is called the “Panoramic Photograph” and has 6 positions. See below the spread for the positional meanings and a brief interpretation.

The SteamPunk Tarot by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell

  1. You – (Seven of Cups)
  2. (Placed horizontally, as if crossing card 1) The problem, situation, challenge, or concern-the root of the question. – (The Magician)
  3. Your fears or weaknesses –  (Two of Swords)
  4. Your hopes or strengths – (Seven of Swords)
  5. The past influences on the situation – (Four of Cups)
  6. The outcome – (Hermit)

The Seven of Cups shows a man/woman standing in front of a display with various treasures.  Reading tip:  This card can represent confusion or living in a fantasy world, particularly if the Moon or Two of Swords is present. (pg. 165)  The Two of Swords is present in position 3.   Go figure.

The problem represented by the Magician reveals the ability to make the right choices and manifest for success, but not carrying through.  Not taking advantage of or using talents wisely, if at all.

“If you are feeling between and betwixt, the Two of Swords will probably show up in your reading.  It lets you know that while you may feel like you are doing everything you can, you actually are spending too much energy accomplishing nothing.” (pg. 179)  Well that certainly hits the nail on the head and much too close to home for comfort.  Definitely a weakness as shown so far, and the fear of acting as shown in the two previous cards.

The Seven of Swords I would not normally connect with hopes or strengths.  This card suggests the need to thoroughly examine my motives.  Are they selfish?  Am I being honest with myself?

The Four of Cups for the past influences position.  Apathy, laziness, little to no motivation or ambition.  Enough said…

The Hermit is pretty self explanatory in that some deep soul searching need be undertaken.  “Retreat from the maddening crowd.  In the quiet and in the dark, you will be able to see your answers shining brightly.  Once you see it, hold it high and be guided by it.” (pg. 75)

A very enlightening reading, if not a very pretty picture.  Not to say that the images are not pretty, because they are gorgeous.   But, it is an accurate “photograph” of me in my current situation.  And, because there are areas that need a lot of work, I will revisit this spread and continue this reading with “The Difference Engine” spread at a later date.

Thanks for joining me and taking a look at the Steampunk Tarot in action.  Watch this space for more where this came from.

Until next time, Happy Tarot’ing and May Your Journey be an Enchanted one.


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