Tarot of Dreams & Baby Boxing

Today’s draw is from the beautiful Tarot of Dreams.  The Palace of Wands; Page of Wands; the Fool.   The Palace cards were added to the Standard edition and represent places.   “In a reading, the Palace cards indicate the energies of the suit expressed as an environment.” *

Well it didn’t take me long to figure this one out.  Some of you may know that I watch 3 of my grandchildren while their parents are working.  The one and two yr. olds, (cousins) were happy to see each other and then promptly began screeching at each other and fighting over everything.  If you have never experienced baby-jabber arguing then you won’t  know how funny it can be.  That is until someone loses an eye. (no actual eyes were lost)  They begin by pointing little fingers and raising their voices.  A stamp of the foot accelerates the tension and the next thing you know someone is getting shoved, kicked, or smacked.   I don’t know how many times I needed to separate those two and try to distract them with other toys and activities, but the next thing I knew it was as if someone had hit the rewind/replay button…again.  I expect this a couple times throughout the day, but it was constant this morning.

And where does this leave me in all this?  Why, playing the Fool of course.  LOL  I’m happy to report that after lunch things calmed down a good bit with the 1yro taking a nap and the 2yro resting on the couch with no one to argue with.  The 5yro will be arriving shortly from school.  Hopefully the calmer atmosphere continues through the evening.  Or, that just might be “foolish” thinking.

*Tarot of Dreams Standard Edition, text by Lee Bursten, illustrated by Ciro Marchetti.


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