The Bridge – 03/09/19

Reading for Saturday, March 9, 2019 with the Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti

The Bridge – Where I am, Where I will be, and the bridge to help me arrive there gracefully.

Where I am, the Queen of Wands. “Something is left on the back burner, a flame which is kept lit in the background to be accessed in the future, allowed neither to die out or flare out of control.” What do I have on the back burner? This queen suggests your follow your heart in pursuit of goals. There are many dreams and goals that I have on the back burner. The Queen of Wands is a queen of action. She is telling me it’s time to act.

The Queen of Swords is where I am headed. This Queen is focused and rules more with her head rather than her heart. She takes control and sees that things get done when and how they should. This Queen can also be a perfectionist, which if not careful, can stall projects by focusing on every teeny-tiny detail. There has to be a delicate balance between these queen energies, or nothing will get accomplished.

The Emperor is the Bridge that allows the queen energies to work best. The Emperor likes structure and discipline. His energy will keep either queen from dominating the situation. The passion of the Wands will be tempered just enough to work with the cool intellect of the Swords. This will allow the love of the job/project to meld with the smart business sense to make the best possible outcome.

Do you have a dream/goal/project you’ve been keeping on a back burner? Maybe it’s time to turn up the flame.

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