The Fifth Element

My daughter reminded me recently that I had not created a Tarot spread in awhile. I quite enjoy the process and decided it was about time. Then, I went blank. What would be the purpose for the spread? What would be the theme? Or would it just be random questions with no structure? When I design a new spread I like to build it around a theme or a specific idea. Again, I draw a blank, lol. Then while watching the movie The Fifth Element, an idea started and began to build. So, without further ado here is The Fifth Element Tarot Spread.

Directions for The Fifth Element Tarot Spread.

Once you have shuffled your cards, draw using the first card for the element that you come to and place it in the shape of the Pentacle as shown in the diagram.  One card for each suit:

  • Cups = Water
  • Pentacles = Earth
  • Swords = Air
  • Wands = Fire
  • Spirit = Essence – Court Card

As an option you can draw a Major Arcana card for an enhanced element to your reading. 


  1. Earth – Grounding.  What will bring better focus to help with my grounding/centering at this time?
  2. Water – Emotional. In what area does my emotional well being need work? (examples, love, creativity, imagination, joy and sense of peace) 
  3. Air – Intellectual / Challenge. What challenge do I need to face and overcome at this time?
  4. Fire – Action. What action can I take to aid in overcoming the challenge of the Swords, to assist in grounding, and help with emotional healing?
  5. Spirit –You at this time, your essence.  Court Card.  How do the aspects of this card affect your reading?  Do you identify with the personality of your Spirit card?

Optional Major Arcana –  Deeper Understanding.  How does this card affect the reading spiritually?  How does it help me better understand the 5th Element of Spirit…Myself?

~Koneta Bailey, 2019

Sample reading with the Connolly Tarot by Peter Paul and Eileen Connolly. US Games Systems, Inc. 1990-2006

The first position of Earth/Pentacles deals with grounding and I drew the 4 of Pentacles. This tells me that I have a tendency to hold tightly to things. This can include material items, time, and even attention. This card suggests releasing some hold on these and sharing. Especially time and attention. Being in my head all the time isn’t always the best thing for me. I need to share more of “myself”, be more available. The walls I’ve spent years building will need to come down.

The second position is Water/Cups and deals with emotional health. I drew the Three of Cups. This card tells me I need to pay attention to relationships with friends and/or extended family. We all get busy and we make less time for these types of relationships. I know I am guilty of this.

The third position is Air/Swords and deals with intellect, challenge, conflict, mental activity, grief. I drew the 7 of Swords. This card is often seen as a bad omen, a thief in the night has come and stole away with your property. On the other hand, if this is you, are you trying to pull a “slick one” or are you being dishonest about something? This can also mean being impulsive. I must admit to acting impulsively and then wishing I had taken more time to consider the action or decision I’ve made. This particular 7 of Swords suggests that plans have not worked out as planned, but to maintain inner harmony; there are many paths to personal freedom.

The fourth position is Fire/Wands and deals with action, adventure, expansion. I drew the 2 of Wands. The “action” card holds a lot of responsibility here. The Wands suit for instance goes from contemplating action to taking action, for better or worse. The two’s are about choices and trying to find balance. The Two of Wands is choosing between security or going on an adventure. If the 7 of Swords speaks to overcoming acting on impulse or being disappointed that plans have not worked out, the 2 of Wands encourages security in staying close to home. A better time and circumstance with present itself. In a choice between making the effort to socialize and building on your friendships, then the choice to go out on a little adventure is encouraged. The choice between being a hoarder of my time or being more accessible…the answer is obvious.

The fifth position, or the Spirit card I drew is the Queen of Cups. I have some personal issues with this Queen, but then on the other hand I admire her dedication to all those around her. She is also associated with creativity. Everything she does is with love and the highest intention. She is passionate about everything/everyone she cares for. Her selfless love and dedication are elements that I strive for. Do I feel this Spirit card is relevant for this reading? Of course, because in the absence of love, dedication, and passion as a guiding hand, all the other elements of the reading are disconnected. The Queen of Cups brings them all together in her embrace.

I pulled a Major Arcana card to rap up the reading and drew The World card. The World card declares triumph and opens doors to any destination of our choosing. As a spiritual traveler, the reward is knowledge and understanding and the ability to choose your own path safe in knowing it’s the best path.
“How does it help me better understand the 5th Element of Spirit…Myself?” The World card reassures me once again that it is the journey that is most important and the destination is only the beginning. As it should be.

Please let me know if you decide to try this spread and feel free to share your insights.

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