The Flames of Beltane

The Flames of Beltane Tarot spread with the Ancestral Path Tarot, by Julie Cuccia-Watts

Beltane or Beltain, marks the beginning of summer and is celebrated on May first from sundown to sundown. Our Ancestors in Great Britain and other parts of Europe, celebrated with food, dancing, ritual, and bonfire.

The fire was more than a big pile of logs and some flame. It was a place where the entire community gathered around —a place of music and magic and dancing and lovemaking. All household fires would be doused and then re-lit from the Beltane bonfire.
Burning torches from the bonfire would be taken home, where they would be carried around the house or boundary of the farmstead and would be used to re-light the hearth. These fires were considered sacred and brought protection to livestock, pastures, and the home, as well as blessings of fertility to the land, people and livestock.

Samhain is the counter part to Beltane and when the veil between this world and the Spirit world or Otherworld can more easily be crossed. This Tarot spread can be used to communicate with your Ancestors. You can use any deck you wish, but I’m using the Ancestral Path Tarot, new larger edition.

Flames of Beltane Tarot Spread
  • 1. What do my Ancestors want me to know at this time?
  • 2. What protection do the Ancestors bring at this time?
  • 3. How will communication with the Ancestors benefit me?
  • 4. What lesson do I most need to learn and put into practice?
  • 5. What gift(s) will the Ancestors bequeath me at this time?
  • 6. How best can I show my appreciation and love to the Ancestors?

My Flames of Beltane Ancestor Reading:

  • Card 1 – Three of Swords – This card shows the sadness of separation of family as the soldier leaves for battle. Separation is always difficult, but necessary at different times of our life. This may be a time of mourning, a temporary separation to mature or gain perspective.
  • Card 2 – Five of Sacred Circles (Pentacles) – In this deck this card speaks to seeking a life purpose, a spiritual path. I have been a seeker for awhile, and the path that I find my feet upon does give me pause. I want to be sure that I am on the right path and that I am prepared for all it entails. The card depicts people entering a structure, possibly one used for meditation and spiritual pursuits. The protection of the Ancestors while on this path is promised here.
  • Card 3 – The Sun – The warmth of the Sun shines with a promise of success, joy, happiness, and splendor. The Sun at the pentacle of the bon-fire is about as perfect as you can get. What we offer up in the form of celebration on Beltane, is reflected back to us. The benefit of communing with the Ancestors is obvious, they only have my best interests at heart and learning from them is a privileged.
  • Card 4 – The Moon – The lessons are about recognizing cycles and flowing with them, understanding their purpose in weaving my destiny, distinguishing between webs of illusion and reality, and gaining a better understanding of “Shadow”. The Moon in her beauty and grace has many lessons to share. One being the ability to know the ebb and tide of emotions and the subtle illumination and inspiration she gives. She is mysterious, but with a little coaxing she will share her secrets. Also, to delve deeper when trying to understand something, as it may not be what it appears on the surface.
  • Card 5 – Strength – The gift of Strength. The ability to know myself, my strengths as well as limitations. Developing grace under pressure. Harmony with the environment and other life-forms. The gift of self-confidence.
  • Card 6 – (The bed of coals – what keeps the fires burning longer) – The Empress – To nurture myself and my loved ones. The Empress represents the Goddess of Fertility and Mother Nature, the ultimate feminine power. She is Mother Earth. The Ancestors ask only for continued love and care of the people and of the earth. To embrace the magic of nature and respect the power it provides.

Wishing one and all a Blessed Beltane and that you keep the Flames of Beltane burning.

I give thanks to my Ancestors for your help and your guidance, and ask that you watch over and protect those whom we hold dear. Let me be a worthy student of your great wisdom, your knowledge, and your lessons of love. Help me to go forth on my path through this life, until it is time for me to take my place in your ranks.

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