The Winds of Change

The Incidental Tarot

For today’s three card draw I’m using The Incidental Tarot by Holly DeFount.  The Seven of Arrows, The World, and Death.  Arrows are the equivalent to Wands.  (from the lwb)

  • Seven of Arrows:  Gaining the upper hand in a struggle.  Conflict has arisen, but strength is inherent. Courage in times of trouble.
  • The World: Success, completion and achievement. Rising to a state of global awareness, affecting change and progress on a large scale.  Completion of a large scale project or endeavor that will propel you to even greater work.
  • Death:  Great or calamitous change, and a chance to prepare for the shift it brings.  Assess yourself and your state of being before you are forced to endure the consequences of disaster or misfortune.  Accept inevitable change and be transformed.

The Seven of Arrows as my cotd is about conflicts.  From the small, mundane, run of the mill kind, to the more major ones, and overcoming these conflicts.  This isn’t necessarily just outer conflicts, but rather inner conflicts or even a combination of both.  I usually see the Seven of (Wands) as giving the advice to stand your ground, defend what you believe in, and sticking to your guns.

The thing with conflicts and this card, is that I/we are in a good position to overcome them.  The ball is in my/your court, so to speak, and the next move, the winning move, is yours.  The World card enforces this idea of success and completion. Point, Match, Game!  I’m not sure if I have ever felt I was in this position before.  The position to really call the shots.

Now for the Death card.  I have no problem with the concept of transformation and change.  But, calamitous change?  No, not necessarily.  Of course, if you happen to be one who abhors and fights change tooth and nail, then yes it might feel like a calamity.  But, as with anything, success will certainly bring about change.  Hopefully, a change(s) for the better, which The World endorses and reinforces.   A change in the way I think about things like succeeding or excelling.

There are several irons in the fire, projects to wrap up, expand on, and plans for future projects.  The conflicts?  Nothing so dramatic or that worrisome, but there will  be “game-play” changes to work out.   A path to explore that hadn’t been seriously considered before.

At the end of the day, change is good.



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