Timing is Everything

New Seasons and Beginnings

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.  Everywhere I look I see signs of the end of Summer and the beginnings of Fall.   The time is right, and ripe. What may have seemed risky can be chanced now.  This little girl is daring and carefree.  She is open to whichever adventure presents itself to her.   The time is right for me to move on the project I have been contemplating and planning for awhile.  The opportunity is there and I need to get the ball rolling.

Continuing this same line of thinking…..this page tells me to be open to new ideas to help compliment my own.  Stay open minded and receptive, only then can new inspirations be recognized and accepted.  Be on the lookout for that open doorway of opportunity, or it might shut in my face.

The next cards go hand in hand just as the two previous cards have.  Justice and the 3 of Pentacles; The Justice in the spread is reminding me to make well thought-out and balanced decisions once I step through that doorway of opportunity.  It also means to have a feeling for appropriateness and for balanced distribution.  Check out all the angles and associations, be sure it’s a good place and good people to be involved with before signing on the dotted line.

This 3 of Pentacles is a bit different from traditional meanings of team work.  Although I think that is still appropriate as I will have to join or partner with others, my niche will be complimentary to theirs, but different enough to be more solo in capacity.  It also means that I have learned enough at this point to work independently, but too remember there is always something new to learn.

Ok, the timing is good and I need to get things rolling.  Timing has been an issue for me, and it looks like as Fall rolls around and begins its reign, the time is also right for me to begin my New Season as well.

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3 Responses to Timing is Everything

  1. danya says:

    Thanks, Koneta!

    I told myself I was done buying decks this year. This will be my last one. I think. But after browsing through the image gallery I just love what the artist has done with some of the cards… for example I love that the Ace of Wands is a balance beam. SO looking forward to it.


  2. admin says:

    It is the Anna.K Tarot, it is beautiful and I am loving it. There is a link on these pages to her web site where
    you can see all the card images and information.


    Enjoy! and Blessings,

  3. danya says:

    What a lovely deck! I’ve never seen it before… which one is it?

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