Tiptoeing Through the Tarot


Tiptoeing Through the Tarot airs once a month on Attune Magazine Radio where Mary Nale and I will be discussing Tarot Topics in every flavor we can imagine.   Please come and join in the discussion and fun!

Check out the links below for the handouts used on the show and links to the archives.


February 22, 2014

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January 25, 2014


October 26, 2013 – Death


 September 28, 2013 – The Tower


August 24, 2013 – The Hanged Man



July 27, 2013 – Wheel of Fortune



June 22, 2013 – The High Priestess




2 Responses to Tiptoeing Through the Tarot

  1. Koneta says:

    Hi Suzy!
    No, I’ve not discontinued, I have just started a new job though and have been quite busy. I’ll be posting more often (I hope) again soon!
    Please check back! 🙂

  2. suzy says:

    Hi Koneta,

    I’ve recently become a fan of yours and am wondering if you have discontinued your regular spreads on your website…noticing the last one was 3-19-2014.

    Thank you!

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