Too Many Chief’s Syndrome

I have been so busy lately that I have been remiss in getting posts up on this blog.  There are several that I have started, only to get derailed and they never get finished.   Which I hate, because I enjoy blogging about Tarot and doing reviews on books and decks.  So, I’m determined to remedy that.

I received the Golden Tarot by Kat Black, for Christmas (2011) and I am loving it.  For anyone not familiar with this deck, it is a collage from artwork of the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance.

Today’s draw is the Four of Cups, King of Wands, and Ten of Coins.  The first thing that I saw with this combo was, Dream it, Act on it, Get help with it.   A project that needs a support system, getting others involved in some way.   Aha!  There is a project in the works around here that will hopefully generate some extra income.  It’s been on the back burner for about a year, but still in a planning process.  Now seems to be the time to go onto the next step and start things in motion-to move on with the research that has been ongoing.   From the conception phase, (Four of Cups) add to that the motivation, talent, and skills, (King of Wands) and the need in getting everyone involved, (Ten of Coins).  The Ten of Coins shows several people who are busy with their separate tasks, but as a group they compliment each other.  This project needs to be a family endeavor.  Everyone involved participating and contributing where they can.

This looks terrific doesn’t it?  So I wondered, what (if anything) could hold it up?  What obstacles might pop up to throw a wrench into the works?  And turned over the Five of Wands.  Now the first thing I thought of was an inner struggle.  True, there has been a lot of discussion on the best direction(s) to take this project.  Only natural.  The biggest thing here though will be to avoid what I call the Too many Chiefs and  not enough Indians syndrome.  Respect, communication, cooperation, and negotiation are key to any project such as this.  Leave ego at the door.  Common sense, right?

Of the Five of Wands, Kat Black has this to say:  That which bends is less likely to break.  Forces may oppose you, and confusion and conflict arise.  You may need to compromise-calming an angry mob cannot always be done with reason. Take care to identify your true obstacles and opposition, and avoid battles that none shall benefit from.

Don’t sweat the little stuff.  If there must be a battle, pick it carefully and make sure its really necessary.

*images are from the Golden Tarot (2003) by Kat Black and U.S. Games Inc. and can be purchased here.  Get your copy today!


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