Worry, Worry, Why Worry?

My philosophy has always been; Why worry.  Worrying about something does not change it, or help in any way.  For the most part I believe that statement to be true.  There are people, mostly in my family, that would disagree with that.  They believe that it is their life purpose to worry.  If they find themselves not worrying, (unheard of!) they will look for something.  ” I’m sure there must be something I should be worrying about.”  I have actually heard these words come out of their mouths.  When a statement like that is made, its actually pretty funny.

Of course everyone worries at one time or another.  Some just take it to an extreme.  So when I drew these cards it made me stop and think.  What am I worried about?  Am I worried about something?  Is there something I should be worrying about?  haha-scratch that last one.

The Deviant Moon says of Judgment Rx – Worry. Fear of Death. (fear of actual death? or fear of a changing belief or way of life?)  The nine of Swords-Anxiety. Worry. Stress. Misery.  6 of Wands- Change. Metamorphosis. Emerging better than before. Victory.

The lesson here; No matter how much you worry over something or someone. it more than likely will not help a situation or that person.  It will however effect you adversely in the end with lack of sleep, ulcers, or other nervous disorders.  Worry can eat you alive from the inside out.  We will always worry about something, just don’t let it become a life goal.  Know that situations and people change all the time.  After all, Change is the only constant.  And in most cases change brings about better things.

This 6 of Wands is about the metamorphosis that has been taking place, now is the unveiling of this wonderful change.  It reminds me of a quote I saw earlier today, “If there was no change, there would be no butterflies.”  -unknown

Is there a change a’coming?  Yes, there always is.  There is no doubt that change or death -real or metaphorical-can be scary and can cause worry.  So go ahead,  I give myself permission to worry just a little bit.  Not too much.  Ok, that’s enough.  Because in the end, it probably wont make anything any easier or change the outcome.   Am I gonna worry?  Naaaaa…..Why Worry?

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