You dont need to yell…do you?

My daily draw for October 12, 2010 using, A King’s Journey Tarot, with the Two of Spirit, the Knight of Coins, and The Lovers.  The suit of Spirit is a new suit added to an otherwise traditional 78 card Tarot deck.  The Ace through 10 are all designated with a Virtue in the upright position, and a Vice in the reversed.

The Two of Spirit’s Virtue is Purpose.  “There is a wealth of wisdom available to you when you are living out your purpose in life. “  In the Fool’s journey he had discovered the importance and necessity of meditation and has created a space where he can connect with the Divine.  The Universe has messages for you.  Quiet your mind to hear them.  They surround you.   –Ok so it seems the Universe is getting impatient with me.  Messages are no longer subtle; “Find your Sacred Space and Meditate regularly!”

Ok, you don’t have to yell,……..well maybe you do.

The Knight of Coins = Stalling.  This Knight keeps asking, “what if?  — what if?” and seems incapable of making a decision.  Overly cautious and focusing on the ‘what ifs’ causes stalled thinking and no movement.  Is it fear or laziness that seems to be the problem?  In truth, a bit of both but, more laziness than fear really.

The Lovers of this deck was and is not very apparent to me in its meaning.  The Lovers card is many times about choices, making good and balanced choices.  Here we see the Fool defeating his shadow side, to rid himself of any obstacles that may hinder his relationship with his soulmate.  “You have choices, even in destiny.”   Message here is; Rid yourself of your ego, your fears, your pre-conceived notions and judgments.  There is no room or place for these and they must be shed in order for you to connect with the Divine/Universe in a meaningful way.

The World card was a “jumper” while shuffling for this reading.  Completion, Protection, Success.  The Fool has come full circle and is now the ruler of himself.  He knows where he has been, who he really is, and where he is going.  He is a true ruler of his world, and not just a participant of someone else’s life.

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