The “Christmas Present”

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The “Christmas Present”  presents

Once upon a time in a long forgotten corner of an attic sat a child’s toy from many seasons past.  It was tucked away behind lost boxes of bobs and treasure and hidden under a mountain of dust and a thick blanket of time.  Painted on the sides of this curious box were images that had once been bright and cheery, but were now faded by time and a layer of rust.  The lid stood open in a gaping toothless yawn, the contents having escaped long ago leaving the hatch wide open.

On closer inspection, and only by standing on her tip-toes, the small child was able to see down into the dark corners inside. There, she spotted a tattered piece of paper that was yellowed and covered in grime.  She scrunched her eyes tightly closed and bravely put her hand in through the old spider webs to retrieve it.

Moving into the meager light the one small window provided, she carefully started to unfold her hard won prize.
It was a letter carefully printed, but with no salutation, the only clue being a simple signature that read, Sincerely,

Being extremely curious by nature, the child began to read:

I’ve loosed the seams that held me fast
My freedom gained, hard won at last.
Confined in my box a prison at best
For years on this shelf my fate and un-rest.
Where once I was cherished, a joy to behold
A Christmas gift found under a green tree of gold
With bright lights above and tinsel below,
Where Gingerbread cookies all dance in a row.
A child’s smile brought with squeals of delight
When the handle cranked music the spindle unwinds
Releasing the latch reveals hidden inside
I sprang forth unhindered to laughter and light.
My music unwound for many a year
My spring tightly sprung, sprang unheeded with cheer
But, slowly these slowed with time and much use
Assured that my space on this shelf was reserved.
Alas, I’m unable to face unafraid
The rest of my days now lost in a haze
Of happier times when my presence was craved
Now deafening silence is joined by dismay.
And so my dear friend my story’s not lost
I’ve left my confines for an adventurous cause
No longer in exile in this attic dark
To venture beyond will be quite a lark.

     She folded the letter with tears on her cheeks, and wondered what adventures this Jack may have found.  Was he still happy to have left this place behind?  Would he ever return to his box on the shelf, she wondered?

     Before she left her exploring adventure in the attic, she replaced the letter back in the empty box in hopes that someday Jack might return and discover the lines she had added.

Dear Jack,
When you tire and are in need of rest
And find your box still empty upon it’s berth
Do come and find me and you will see
The space in my room you’re now meant to be.
Miss Emily

The Christmas “Present” SpreadChristmastreespread

  1. The base of the tree is the “Base” for your Christmas Present reading.  What do you need most this Christmas to better prepare for the upcoming year?  This is your Christmas Present gift.  The rest of the cards drawn will be read with the base card as a direct influence.
  2. How would this gift affect your most recent Christmas Past?
  3. How would this gift affect your most cherished remembered Christmas Past?
  4. Ornaments:  If this card were an ornament would it represent a Christmas Past or Present?
  5. Ornaments:  Depending on your choice of Past or Present, how will it affect your Christmas Future?
  6. Christmas Future:  Combine with cards 2 & 4 and have a peek at what next Christmas could bring.
  7. Christmas Future:  Combine with cards 3 & 5 for an even further glimpse into a Future Christmas.
  8. Christmas Past, Present, and Future rolled into One.  The STAR gift.  (The cherry on top – The ultimate Christmas gift.)

I’d like to share one of my very favorite groups and songs that combines the sentimentality of the holidays, music boxes, love, nostalgia, and hope, all into one beautiful song.

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Hoping and wishing a wonderful Holiday Season to each and everyone!  Until next time, Happy Tarot’ing!


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  1. Christiana Gaudet says:

    So creative!

  2. Alison says:

    A lovely tale… and a wonderful Christmas Tree spread thanks so much for your presents!


  3. alison cross says:

    aha – at last I can leave a comment! I don’t know WHAT I was doing wrong last night, but here’s my comment once again! Lovely little tale AND a lovely Christmas Tree spread! Thank you!!!

    Have a lovely Christmas when it comes, Koneta!

    Ali x

  4. Joanne says:

    Lovely story, especially the verse. Very nice.

  5. Koneta says:

    Thanks Arwen 🙂

  6. Arwen says:

    A lovely little tale!

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