Cotd – October Theme

The Cotd for Wednesday, October 1, 2014 is from the Tarot of the Night by Richard ShadowFox – 2013, Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Tarot of the Night Page of PentaclesPage of Pentacles:  A methodical and patient person or approach is described in the interpretation of this card.  They will express an open fascination with nature, are adept in financial matters, and possess a thirst for knowledge of any discipline.  There is a duality of natural things and financial matters inherent in the Pentacles suit, and on the surface, this could seem contradictory or conflicting, especially when referring to members of the Court.  However, at the heart of this person or character trait is practicality and diligence, and the significance of being prepared for each step they take upon their path.  The ability to listen and express sincere interest in the intellectual opinions of others may often make them easy to recognize.  For them there are few sources of information that are undeserving of consideration.  (pg. 231) Continue reading

Cotd – Heart on Your Sleeve

The Cotd for Tuesday, September 30, 2014 is from the Tarot of the Night by Richard ShadowFox – 2013, Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Tarot of the Night - Pag of CupsPage of Cups:  As a person this is a youthful hart if not an actual child.  They will be innocent but charming none the less.  Finding ways to express their feelings they will often write love notes and letters, and even poetry.  With a strong imagination, they will be naturally artistic and drawn to music, literature, as well as any other art form that they can use to express their feelings.  Often quite affectionate, they are gentle, kind, and eager to please. Keywords: kind, thoughtful, caring, passionate, puppy love, sensitive, affectionate.




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Cotd- Dream a Little Dream

The Cotd for Monday, September 29, 2014 is from the Tarot of the Night by Richard ShadowFox – 2013, Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Seven of Cups Tarot of the NightSeven of Cups:  The interpretation of this card speaks directly to the matter of choices made in one’s life by comparison and convenience as life relates to their dreams.  Dreams, we all have them, and they can range from the grand, to simple differences we would like to see in our lives.  Whatever the dreams are, they represent an ideal of a life we wish to live.  One of the elements to consider is an inability or unwillingness to see anything but the desired outcome without regard to the path one must travel to make it a realization.  (pg 152-153) Continue reading

Cotd – Course of Action

The cotd for Saturday, September 27, 2014 is from the Silver Witchcraft Tarot by Barbara Moore.  Artwork by Franco Rivolli – Lo Scarabeo 2014

Silver Witchcraft Tarot King of SwordsKing of Swords – The Judge:  The King of Swords loves efficiency and justice.  His keen mind and strong sense of right and wrong guide all his decisions and actions.  He is careful to be sure of his own mind before he speaks, so although he is an excellent communicator, he is often silent, assessing all sides and not merely reacting.  He is an excellent organizer and often believes his way is the right way.  Even though his is often the right way, he can be bossy and manipulative, convincing others to do what he wants.  (pg 141) Continue reading